17 Awesome Kids’ Birthday Cake Ideas

My daughter has a fall birthday and I am already seeking out birthday cake ideas. There are so many different routes I could take! I love looking at birthday cakes around the web for inspiration. It is amazing what people can create, even out of the simplest of ingredients! My personal favorite in this bunch is the Lego Cake. I can already tell it will be a favorite of my little guy’s and it is really so simple to make. If I show this to my daughter I can already tell you she will ask for the Rose Ombre Cake. It is sooo gorgeous and is truly a little girl’s dream come true. I can probably do the ombre…but I am not sure about the roses. That will take some practice! See what suits your fancy and get inspired for your child’s next birthday today!

  • 17 Awesome Kids Birthday Cake Ideas 1 of 18
    17 Awesome Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

    If you are looking for interesting and fun birthday cake ideas here you go! Click through to find all kinds of ideas for delicious, easy, and fun birthday cake ideas that any kid would love!

  • Birthday Cake in a Jar 2 of 18
    Birthday Cake in a Jar

    This awesome birthday cake is like a personal portion just for the birthday girl! Make up a whole bunch and make sure the birthday kid gets a whole bunch of candles.

    Photo: Brooke McLay

  • Peanut Butter Birthday Cake 3 of 18
    Peanut Butter Birthday Cake

    Joy the Baker makes a mean birthday cake. This gorgeous slice is perfect for the peanut butter lover in everyone. Give your kid the ultimate peanut butter dream!

    Photo: Joy the Baker

  • Shark Cake 4 of 18
    Shark Cake

    This incredibly awesome shark cake is so much easier to make than you might think! Kids will love it and the other parents will want the instructions.

    Photo: Kenneth Chen

  • Birthday Crown Cake 5 of 18
    Birthday Crown Cake

    This crazy cool birthday cake recipe so much easier to make than you might think. Serve it up to your most special princess and her very special day!

    Photo: Spoonful.com

  • Muppet Cake 6 of 18
    Muppet Cake

    This birthday cake is definitely pretty extreme as far as birthday cakes go...but give yourself a challenge. If not, just make the muppet figures and put them on top of your personal favorite cake.

    Photo: Cake Central

  • Personal Birthday Letter Cakes 7 of 18
    Personal Birthday Letter Cakes

    These amazing letter cakes are perfect for kids! Make them in the letter of the birthday kid...or the letter of each guest!

    Photo: Kathy of Merriment Design

  • Donut Cake 8 of 18
    Donut Cake

    This "cake" is SO much fun for kids. They will love grabbing their favorite donut to celebrate their birthday. Be sure to get a great selection and LOTS of candles!

    Photo: Kelsey Banfield

  • Mater Birthday Cake 9 of 18
    Mater Birthday Cake

    This super fun cake features our friend Mater from Cars! Your littlest Cars fan will love this fun loving cake for his or her next party!

    Photo: Spoonful.com

  • Lemon Meringue Roses Birthday Cake 10 of 18
    Lemon Meringue Roses

    This gorgeous celebration cake is perfect for a girl - young or old! Be sure to get thin candles you can delicately tuck into the meringue so it won't get ruined.

    Photo: Zoe Bakes

  • The Excavator Cake 11 of 18
    Edible Excavator Cake

    This amazing cake is so much fun and is totally edible! It will definitely make you step up your birthday cake making skills but you'll be surprised that you just start with pound cake and twinkies to assemble the vehicle!

    Photo: Spoonful.com

  • A Classic Chocolate Cake 12 of 18
    Classic Chocolate Cake

    This gorgeous chocolate cake is perfect for a birthday party in every way. It is moist, chocolatey, rich, and so, so festive!

    Photo: Brooke McLay

  • Rainbow Doodle Cake 13 of 18
    Rainbow Doodle Cake

    This fun cake is PERFECT for kids birthday parties. Let the birthday kid decorate it, or hand all the party attendees some pens and let them decorate it together!

    Photo: Rosie of Sweetapolita

  • Lego Cake 14 of 18
    Lego Cake

    This adorable Lego Cake is perfect for the little builder in your life. Make it in any color, shape, or size they want!

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Tie-Dye Birthday Cake 15 of 18
    Tie Dye Birthday Cake

    This amazing cake is perfect for fall birthdays. Whip it up for a child celebrating their birthday near Halloween, it will be a creeptastic hit!

    Photo: Created by Diane

  • Pink Rose Ombre Cake 16 of 18
    Ombre Cakes

    This GORGEOUS pink cake would be perfect for the little princess party! Any little girl would love it and want show it off to all her friends.

    Photo: Glorious Treats

  • Watermelon Birthday Cake 17 of 18
    watermelon birthday cake

    If you want to go the healthier fruit route try making one of these amazing watermelon cakes. Surrounded with chopped fruit and topped with amazing candles it is perfect for any birthday celebration!

    Photo: Spoonful.com

  • Tinker Bell Wings Cake 18 of 18
    Tinker Bell Wings Cake

    This delicious cake is so much fun and easy to make. Your little fairy fan will adore the delicate wings and sweet vanilla taste!

    Photo: Spoonful.com

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