17 Fresh Ways to Flavor Your Dish with Herbs

Fresh herbs are in abundance at this time of year. Think beyond cooking and garnishes, with these clever ideas!

  • 17 Great Ways To Use Fresh and Dried Herbs! 1 of 18
    17 creative uses for herbs

    We love using herbs in cooking, baking and garnishes. But there are so many other inventive ways to use them!

  • Infuse Your Fruit Pops 2 of 18
    babble herb infused lemonade popsicles

    The popsicle grows up with this lemonade version, infused with fresh rosemary.
    Get the recipe at Babble

  • Make Minty Ice Cubes 3 of 18
    17 apart mint infused ice cubes

    These cubes are so pretty, adding fresh minty flavor to your drink as they melt.
    Image and recipe courtesy of 17 Apart

  • Fold Into Waffles 4 of 18
    babble savory waffles

    Waffles take a savory turn with this vegan recipe, for an unusual side dish to serve with lunch or dinner!
    Make Savory Waffles at Babble

  • Adorn a Gift 5 of 18

    A few sprigs of fresh herbs are fragrant, pretty and the perfect accompaniment to a simple gift wrap of kraft paper and twine.
    Image courtesy of Liya at Crafting a Green World

  • Make an Easy Hanging Garden 6 of 18
    donuts dresses and dirt hanging herb garden

    Herbs are easy to grow and take up little room. Make this hanging garden with a tiered basket and some fresh moss - pack with herbs and hang in a sunny spot for fresh herbs right outside your door!

    Find out how to make at Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • An Even Better Garnish 7 of 18
    elizabeth minchilli fried sage leaves

    Fresh herbs are a natural garnish for your savory dishes. These fried sage leaves take it to a whole new level!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome

  • Make a Soothing Eye Pillow 8 of 18
    green earth bazaar aromatherapy_pillow

    Herbs like chamomile and lavender are fragrant as well as soothing. This herbal eye pillow would make a lovely gift!

    Find out how to make at Green Earth Bazaar

  • Make a Basting "Brush" 9 of 18
    my chicago botanic herb basting brush

    I love this clever basting "brush", which will infuse your grilled dishes with fresh herb flavor. When you're done cooking, snip the herbs to garnish your dish!

    Find out how to make at My Chicago Botanic Garden

  • Make a Decorative Ice Ring 10 of 18
    donuts dresses and dirt ice ring

    Ice rings keep large batches of punch or sangria cold, without diluting. Make it all sorts of pretty by adding mint leaves and fruit slices to complement the flavors of the beverage.

    Make it at Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Spice Up Your Popcorn 11 of 18
    little yellow kitchen rosemary popcorn

    Garlic and rosemary infused butter give a savory kick to Plain Jane air popped corn!

    Image and recipe courtesy of From the Little Yellow Kitchen

  • Make an Unusual Centerpiece 12 of 18
    donuts dresses and dirt herb centerpiece

    A row of herbs in little pots (with a pair of shears for guests to snip and garnish) makes a distinctive centerpiece - and a unique favor too!

    Find out more at Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Create a Custom-Blended Soap 13 of 18
    sincerly kinsey lemon herb soap

    These gorgeous DIY soaps combine fresh lemons, basil and mint - what a lovely gift these would be!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Sincerely Kinsey

  • Make Edible "Skewers" 14 of 18
    mushroom info rosemary skewers

    Swap out your traditional skewers for these rosemary sprigs, which impart flavor to your kabobs while you grill!

    Image and recipe courtesy of  Paula Jones and The Mushroom Channel

  • Dip Them in Chocolate! 15 of 18
    the shiksa chocolate mint leaves

    These chocolate mint leaves would make a beautiful - and delicious - garnish to almost any dessert!

    Recipe and instructions on The Shiksa in the Kitchen

  • Flavor Up Plain Tap Water! 16 of 18
    donuts dresses and dirt mint infused water

    Homemade flavored water - served up in pretty glass bottles - is a lovely alternative to a plastic jug at your table!

    Recipe and instructions on Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Create Pretty Place Settings 17 of 18
    littlest village rosemary wreaths

    These charming little wreaths would complement any table setting!

    Image and instructions courtesy of Littlest Village

  • Make Your Own Natural Bug Repellent 18 of 18
    gardenista herbal bug repellent

    Say good-bye to nasty chemicals! Several herbs are known to be natural bug repellents.

    Find out how to make your own at Gardenista

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