17 Hot Panini Recipes Hearty Enough for Dinner

Sometimes for lunch I like a hot sandwich. Not a grilled cheese like my daughter’s favorite, but an honest to goodness amazing panini. A sandwich with all kinds of fillings that has been toasted, usually with a little cheese in the center, to crispy yet soft perfection. Alongside I’ll have a salad or some chips and my meal is an instant hint. It is filling and satisfying, so sometimes I even make paninis for dinner. We get our sandwich press out and go to town making terrific sandwiches that our whole family will eat. Coming up with new combinations is so much fun! Here are a few awesome panini recipes to get you started this fall. Serve them up for lunch or dinner, or whenever you want!

  • 17 Hot Panini Recipes for Lunch or Dinner! 1 of 18
    17 Hot Panini Recipes for Lunch or Dinner

    If you love cheesey toasted sandwich recipes click through for some gorgeous paninis!

  • Caprese Panini 2 of 18
    Caprese Panini

    A traditional caprese salad sandwiched between toasted bread makes an amazing vegetarian panini!

    Photo: Olga Berman

  • Lemon Chicken Panini 3 of 18
    Lemon Chicken Panini

    This amazing hearty panini is rich with the flavors of lemon and pepper. It is packed with protein and will totally hit the spot for a big lunch or easy dinner!

    Photo: Angie McGowan

  • Black & White Panini 4 of 18
    black and white panini

    This vegan panini is absolutely delicious. Made with olive tapenada and a cheesey spread it hits all the right notes for lunch or dinner.

    Photo: Kathy Patalsky

  • Jalapeno Popper Panini 5 of 18
    Jalapeno Popper Panini

    This spicy cheesey panini would be perfect to serve when you are in the mood for a little Tex-Mex flair at your dinner table!

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Prosciutto Pepper Basil Panini 6 of 18
    Prosciutto Pepper Basil Panini

    This amazing panini is so delicious and easy to make. It has just the right amount of meat protein, then a generous dose of vegetables and cheese!

    Photo: Angie McGowan

  • Vegan Philly Cheese Panini 7 of 18
    vegan Philly Cheese

    This amazing panini recipe is the perfect vegan answer to a Philly cheese steak! It is so delish you won't even miss the meat.

    Photo: Kathy Patalsky

  • Chicken Panini with Olive & Artichokes 8 of 18
    Chicken Panini with Olive and Artichokes

    This gorgeous panini is loaded with all kinds of flavor from the amazing homemade tapenade, vegetables, and chicken!

    Photo: Jaime Richardson

  • Chocolate & Fruit Panini 9 of 18
    Chocolate and Fruit Panini

    Who says all paninis must be savory? Try making this amazing grilled fruit and chocolate version. It can be a decadent lunch or a happy dessert!

    Photo: Kathy Patalsky

  • Roast Chicken & Spinach Panini 10 of 18
    Roast Chicken and Spinach Panini

    This gorgeous panini is made with healthy roast chicken and loads of spinach. It is ideal for a filling lunch or easy dinner al fresco.

    Photo: Angie McGowan

  • Raspberry Nutella Panini 11 of 18
    Raspberry Nutella Panini

    There is nothing quite as delicious as nutella on just about anything. Take a cue with this sandwich and give yourself a sweet treat with this raspberry nutella panini!

    Photo: Jaime Richardson

  • Easy Beani Panini 12 of 18
    Beani Panini

    This healthy beani panini is perfect for a light lunch or all-vegan dinner. It is a cinch to make and the kids will love it too!

    Photo: Kathy Patalsky

  • Portabello Mushroom & Basil Pesto Panini 13 of 18
    Portabello Mushroom Basil Pesto Panini

    This terrific panini is ripe with all kinds of vegetables and delicious basil pesto. Make it with all the produce you have fresh from your garden!

    Photo: Angie McGowan

  • Italian Meats & Mozzarella Panini 14 of 18
    Italian Meats & Mozzarella panini

    This thick meaty panini is full of Italian flair and flavor. It is great for a night when you want meat but aren't in the mood for pizza!

    Photo: Angie McGowan

  • Mozzarella Pesto Panini 15 of 18
    Mozzarella Pesto Panini

    This simple panini only takes two ingredients and everyone always loves it. Grill it up for a light lunch or easy dinner!

    Photo: Kelsey Banfield

  • Apple & Cheese Panini on Raisin Bread 16 of 18
    apple and cheese raisin bread panini

    This delicious panini recipe is perfect for fall when all the apples are fresh. It makes a delicious easy sandwich for lunch when you are in the mood for something new!

    Photo: Kathy Patalsky

  • Pepper & Basil Panini 17 of 18
    Pepper and Pesto Paninis

    This gorgeous vegetarian panini is loaded with flavor from the red peppers, pesto, and melted cheese!

    Photo: Brooke McLay

  • Roast Beef Panini 18 of 18
    Roast Beef panino

    This unreal panini features, well, just about everything! Make it for the roast beef sandwich lover in your life!

    Photo: Paula Jones

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