17 Inventive Ways To Use Your Ice Cube Trays!

Still using your ice cube tray…to make ice cubes? That’s sooo yesterday. Here are 17 clever uses for those trays (you’ll probably want to go out and by a few more)!

  • Ice Cube Trays Are Not Just For Ice! 1 of 18
    17 uses for an ice cube tray

    From flowers to egg whites, pizza sauce and herbs, there are so many great uses for your ice cube trays!

  • Freeze Homemade Baby Food 2 of 18
    babble baby food ice cubes

    Ice cube trays are the perfect size for freezing homemade baby purees. And you'll have far less waste as you can take out just what you need, based on your baby's appetite!
    Try this recipe for Moroccan Spiced Carrots from Brooklyn Supper at Babble

  • Make Coffee Ice Cubes 3 of 18
    babble coffee ice cubes

    Next time you brew coffee, freeze some in ice cube trays. Add the cubes to your iced coffee and say "good bye" to watery, diluted drinks!
    Make Sweet Iced Coffee at Babble

  • Gross Out Your Kids 4 of 18
    babble gummy worm ice cubes

    What kid wouldn't go nuts for these wormy ice cubes? Serve these up at your Halloween party for lots of "eews" (the highest praise a kid can give)!

    Find out how to make Gummy Worm Ice Cubes at Babble

  • Freeze Egg Whites 5 of 18
    baked by rachel egg white ice cubes

    Next time you need only egg yolks for a recipe, don't toss the whites! They freeze beautifully, and one egg white fills a "cube" perfectly.

    Learn how to store and freeze egg whites at Baked by Rachel

  • Store Fresh Herbs 6 of 18
    donuts dresses and dirt freezing herbs in oil

    One of the best ways to store fresh herbs, to use all winter long, is in the freezer!

    Find out how at Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • Make Watermelon "Cubes" 7 of 18
    babble watermelon ice cubes

    Got some leftover watermelon? Freeze watermelon puree and add the cubes to your lemonade - colorful and delicious!

    Make Watermelon Ice Cubes at Babble

  • Store Leftover Sauce 8 of 18
    the comfort of cooking pizza sauce ice cubes

    I love freezing leftover homemade pizza sauce. You only need a handful of cubes, so a large batch of sauce will last a long time!

    Get this recipe for 5-Minute Pizza Sauce at The Comfort of Cooking

  • Make Edible Flower Ice Cubes 9 of 18
    salted and styled edible flower ice cubes

    Extra large ice cube trays and roses, pansies and nasturtiums create these gorgeous cubes.

    Image courtesy of Salted & Styled

  • Conduct a Science Experiment 10 of 18
    spoonful lift an ice game

     There's a "secret" ingredient that allows you to pick up an ice cube with a piece of string. 

    Find out how at Spoonful

  • Freeze Leftover Wine 11 of 18
    freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays

    Sometimes - I've heard - there's a little leftover wine hanging about. Don't pour it away! Freeze it into cubes, to use in cooking (add a few while making homemade marinara or Bolognese sauce), or in place of ice cubes in your sangria. 

  • Flavor Your Water, Naturally 12 of 18
    babble mint ice cubes2

    These "minty" cubes are a great way to use up the abundance of mint that I find myself with each season. They're perfect in a tall glass of water on a hot day!

    Make Minty Ice Cubes at Babble

  • Make Pesto "Cubes" 13 of 18
    tim vidra pesto

    Best hostess ever? That's you, courtesy of these charming pesto "cubes", to give to your guests.

    Image and recipe courtesy of E.A.T.

  • Make Fruit Pops! 14 of 18
    mulipuli fruit popsicle

    Think "outside the box" (or cube) and make these beautiful vegan fruit pops.

    Image and recipe courtesy of mulipuli

  • Freshen Your Garbage Disposal 15 of 18
    the tip garden lemon vinegar ice cubes

    How clever is this? Freeze lemon pieces and vinegar into cubes. Toss a few in your garbage disposal every now and then to freshen things up.

    Image courtesy of Tip Garden

  • Portion Off Tomato Paste 16 of 18
    tomato paste in ice cube trays

    Is it me, or do most recipes call for less than a full can of tomato paste? Freeze the leftovers in ice cube trays - a standard size holds about two tablespoons per cube.

  • Make a Prettier Iced Tea 17 of 18
    castanea calendula ice cubes

    Herbal flowers, such as calendula and wild bergamot, are a beautiful complement to a tall glass of sun tea.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Castanea

  • Freeze Chicken Stock 18 of 18
    three blondes and a tomas stock ice cubes

    Homemade stock freezes beautifully so you'll always have it on-hand for sauces and homemade soup!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Three Blondes and a Tomas

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