17 Simple Ways to Save Money on Winter Groceries

I get frequent emails from this website called Food on the Table. I love their money-saving tips and how they help me find coupons in my area. The other day  I was chatting with Amanda Yates from Food on the Table and asked her to share some of her tried-and-true techniques for saving money at the grocery store this winter. I’ve tied her advice in with some of our best Family Kitchen recipes to share great tips AND great recipes you can make with the inexpensive food you buy. Now the only question is, what to do with all that money you save? (I say go take a nice warm weather vacation!)

  • Flavor Fresh Veggies Yourself 1 of 17
    Flavor Fresh Veggies Yourself

    Avoid frozen "gourmet" veggies. The herbs and spices used on these can be added at home for less cost and, more often than not, better flavor.
    Make curry roasted cauliflower at home

  • Never Shop on an Empty Stomach 2 of 17
    Never Shop on an Empty Stomach

    There's a reason why everything on store shelves looks delicious enough to buy when your stomach is grumbling. Eat something to fill you up before you hit the store so you don't make unnecessary impulse purchases and waste money.
    Check out five foods that fill you up

  • Use Eggs for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 3 of 17
    Use Eggs for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Make the most of eggs by using them in an assortment of ways, including to thicken pasta sauce, to top a pizza, to make meatballs, and even mixed with food coloring and water as food paint to transform bland pastries into works of edible art. A carton of a dozen eggs costs about just under $4, and you can get at least five meals out of it!
    Make baked ham and egg cups

  • Make Your Own Pantry Staples 4 of 17
    Make Your Own Pantry Staples

    Get more bang for your buck by making pantry staples at home and finding new ways to use them. Ingredients for homemade salad dressing cost less than one small jar of the pre-made version — and make three times at much!
    Check out these 10 easy homemade pantry staples

  • Make Your Own Juices 5 of 17
    Make Your Own Juices

    Instead of buying watered-down juice that's loaded with sugar, make your own from scratch. Not only is this healthier, but the ingredients for homemade juice are half the costs of one store-bought bottle.
    Make homemade lemonade concentrate

  • Stock Up on Healthy Homemade Snacks 6 of 17
    Stock Up on Healthy Homemade Snacks

    Keep snacks handy at home instead of dishing out loose change to vending machines and drive-thrus when a sudden craving hits. These routine expenses add up fast.
    Make homemade healthy snacks

  • Scan Coupons & Shop Smart 7 of 17
    Scan Coupons & Shop Smart

    Scan for coupons. From online sources to newspaper clippings to membership rewards, there are many free ways to save money at the store on your favorite items.
    Check out these 10 ways to save at the grocery store

  • Make a Meal Plan, Starting with Sunday Dinner 8 of 17
    Make a Meal Plan, Starting with Sunday Dinner

    Plan your meals in advance. Start with a great dinner on Sunday night and plan through Friday based on your budget. Let yourself splurge on one or two items, and plan two or three meals around each item.
    Make roasted vegetables over spaghetti for Sunday dinner

  • 20 Real Food Fast Meals 9 of 17
    20 Real Food Fast Meals

    Avoid buying ready-made meals. Generally, the more prepared a meal is by the time of purchase, the more costly it will be. Focus on wholesome meals that can be made in the time you have available.
    Check out these 20 meals you can make in a jiff

  • Buy Store Brands 10 of 17
    Buy Store Brands

    Go for generic and store brands when it comes to items that don't have a distinct flavor or taste, such as flour, salt, pepper, sugar, and non-stick spray. Generic brands are usually half the cost of designer ones, slashing your grocery bill!
    Make salt and pepper tofu triangles for next to nothing

  • Make a Shopping List 11 of 17
    Make a Shopping List

    Make a shopping list before you head to the store — and stick to it! Unplanned purchases more often than not lead to food and money waste.
    Get your kids involved with the shopping list!

  • Stock up on Dry Grains & Pastas 12 of 17
    Stock up on Dry Grains & Pastas

    Buy common grains, such as rice, pasta and cereal, in bulk. These non-perishable goods are used often and wind up saving buyers more money than purchasing by the item.
    Here are 10 new ways to make spaghetti for dinner tonight

  • Drink More Water/Avoid Costly Beverages 13 of 17
    Drink More Water/Avoid Costly Beverages

    Drink more water to avoid spending on costly beverages. Look how easy it is to make your own delicious drink with inexpensive fresh fruit!
    Make watermelon agua fresca

  • Prioritze Organic Purchases 14 of 17
    Prioritze Organic Purchases

    Rather than breaking the bank by only purchasing pricy organic goods, buy only certain produce organic, like strawberries, since these are havens for pesticides and chemicals. Fruits that you peel, like pineapples, are less likely to absorb pesticides.
    A current list of the dirty dozen

  • Plan for Leftovers 15 of 17
    Plan for Leftovers

    Plan for leftovers to avoid wasting food and money. Many tasty meals come together from leftovers!
    Make sandwiches with leftovers!

  • Buy Produce in Season 16 of 17
    Buy Produce in Season

    Buy fresh oranges, broccoli, and carrots. Because these fruits and veggies are in season, their harvest is aplenty, meaning lower costs for consumers.
    Make broccoli with cheese sauce

  • Drink Tap Water 17 of 17
    Drink Tap Water

    Don't buy bottled water. If the tap is good in your area, drink that, or consider buying a filter. Tap water is delicious and can be flavored any number of ways!
    Make delicious flavored tap water

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