18 Animal Cupcakes Anyone Can Make

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Baking is one of those activities that is so satisfying to me – I get to enjoy making a cake or cupcakes, and then I get to eat the delicious treat. There’s only one problem for me: decorating. I was not blessed with the artistic ability it takes to create beautiful and impressive cake decorations. I want more than anything for one of my cupcakes to look like something other than just a smear of frosting with sprinkles on top. I set out to find adorable animal cupcakes that a not-so-talented decorator can pull off. Now I can’t decide which to make first: the monkeys, hippos, owls, bunny butts, llamas…the list goes on. My kids are lucky this week. Check out all the amazing animal cupcakes that anyone, even me, can make!

  • Owls 1 of 17
    These owls feature Oreo/M&M eyes and an M&M beak. Yes, you can do this and totally impress your guests!
    Make Owl Cupcakes

    Image credit: Baked into Submission
  • Sheep 2 of 17
    You mean all I have to do is stick a bunch of mini marshmallows all over a cupcake and it can be this cute?
    Make Sheep Cupcakes

    Image credit: Wine And Glue
  • Butterflies 3 of 17
    The wings are just dipped pretzels; I've dipped pretzels and know how easy it is. Now I can make beautiful butterfly cupcakes!
    Make Butterfly Cupcakes

    Image credit: Happy Hour Projects
  • Alligator 4 of 17
    It looks like all you have to do is use a ribbon tip and make it look bumpy--something I do quite well without trying. Then add some chocolate squares along the back arranged in the shape of an alligator. I love this for a boy's birthday.
    Make Alligator Cupcakes

    Image credit: Diary Of A Mad Haus Frau
  • Llamas 5 of 17
    Ok, ok, these are fondant, but they are llamas!! Also, the fondant she makes is from microwaved marshmallows. Sounds easy enough, especially if I can get a llama out of the deal.
    Make Llama Cupcakes

    Image credit: Diary Of A Mad Haus Frau
  • Bunny Butts 6 of 17
    Bunny Butts
    These are hilarious and require no fancy frosting. Just cover the frosting in crumbled chocolate cookies, dip some circus peanuts into white chocolate, and attach half a black jelly bean and some chocolate covered sunflower seeds for feet. For the tail, coat a mini marshmallow with corn syrup and cover with white sugar beads.
    Make Bunny Butts Cupcakes

    Image credit: Diary Of A Mad Haus Frau
  • Pigs 7 of 17
    If you can cut a marshmallow, you can make pig cupcakes that look this adorable.
    Make Pig Cupcakes

    Image credit: Gourmet Mom On The Go
  • Puppies 8 of 17
    The ears are just cookies, and the eyes are candy. Just stick them on and make a mouth out of black frosting. Done!
    Make Puppy Cupcakes

    Image credit: Disney Family
  • Donald Duck 9 of 17
    Donald Duck
    How cute are these? And so simple too! Just cut a Swedish Fish in half and pop on some jelly bean eyes.
    Make Donald Duck Cupcakes

    Image credit: Disney Family
  • Shark 10 of 17
    Don't be scared. Those sharp teeth? They are just cut marshmallows. The creepy eye? A lifesaver with a chocolate chip. That freaky fin? A Peppermint Patty.
    Make Shark Cupcakes

    Image credit: Spoonful
  • Frogs 11 of 17
    These frogs have Necco wafers with M&M's for eyes and candy tongues for catching candy flies.
    Make Frog Cupcakes

    Image credit: Nans Recipe Spot
  • Polar Bear 12 of 17
    Polar Bear
    All you need are donut holes, spice drops, M&Ms, coconut, and mini marshmallows for this winter wonderland polar bear.
    Make Polar Bear Cupcakes

    Image credit: With Sprinkles On Top
  • Monkey 13 of 17
    These just crack me up--and they're so simple! Just cut a Nutter Butter and Nilla Wafer, and you've got the makings of a monkey face!
    Make Monkey Cupcakes

    Image credit: With Sprinkles On Top
  • Bumble Bee 14 of 17
    Bumble Bee
    The body is made from cut-up gumdrops. The stinger? A chocolate chip!
    Make Bumble Bee Cupcakes

    Image credit: With Sprinkles On Top
  • Turtle 15 of 17
    All you need is a bunch of green M&M's to make this cute turtle shell.
    Make Turtle Cupcakes

    Image credit: With Sprinkles On Top
  • Hippo and Crocodile 16 of 17
    Hippo and Crocodile
    See that hippo head? That's a Nutter Butter cookie with Cheerios for ears and nostrils!
    Make Hippo and Crocodile Cupcakes

    Image credit: Mom Endeavors
  • Horse 17 of 17
    Could this cupcake be any cuter?! Just look at that circus peanut head attached to a wafer cookie. For an even bigger effect, have the edible horse munch on some granola "oats"!
    Make Horse Cupcakes

    Image credit: Pennies On A Platter

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