18 Irresistible Enchilada Recipes

If you’re looking for authentic enchiladas or traditional homemade enchilada sauces, you will be sure to find all that and more in this gorgeous round-up of one of the most beloved Mexican foods. You will also find a few creative twists to this classic recipe. There is something for everyone even a few gems for the kids. Enjoy!

  • Chicken Enchiladas in a Avocado Cilantro Sauce 1 of 18
    These handsome enchiladas owe it all to the sauce. Avocado and cilantro compliment the chicken and cheese in this recipe so well, it's hard to stop eating them.
    Get the recipe at: Babble
    Photo credit: Nicole Presley
  • Green Chile Turkey Enchiladas 2 of 18
    These green enchiladas are so simple. The secret weapon is two fold. First you have to roast the long green chiles, and you must use suero (whey) or buttermilk not the same but it's a close second.
    Get the recipe at: Muy Bueno Cookbook
    Photo credit: Jeanine Thurston
  • Enchilada Pie 3 of 18
    If you can plop some tortillas in a baking dish, sprinkle cheese, and slather on a super-simple homemade sauce, then you can have yourself a to-die for dinner with less than 5 minutes of prep time.
    Get the recipe at: Babble
    Photo credit: Brooke McLay
  • Bean and Cheese Enchiladas 4 of 18
    These beautiful, authentic enchiladas were created from left-overs, and no one would ever guess otherwise.
    Get the recipe at: La Cocina de Leslie
    Photo credit: Leslie Harris de Limon
  • Stacked Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas 5 of 18
    The variations of this are endless. Although the flavors are like an enchilada's, it's a bit more like a lasagna in preparation.
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    Photo credit: Lauras Recipes
  • Potato and Chorizo Enchiladas with an Egg on top New Mexico Style 6 of 18
    These super duper delicious enchiladas are dream worthy. Potato and Chorizo enchiladas, when you add an egg to the top, become New Mexico-style.
    Get the recipe at: Presley's Pantry
    Photo credit: Nicole Presley
  • Chicken Enfrijoladas 7 of 18
    I was able to find an all-around PERFECT meal that requires little to no time, calls for very few inexpensive ingredients, and is by far delicious. To top it off, it is extremely traditional and kid friendly!
    Get the recipe at: Nibbles and Feasts
    Photo credit: Ericka Sanchez
  • Enchiladas Rojas 8 of 18
    A meal easily pulled together by my mom on a busy week night, served to family members when they would arrive for a visit, or even presented on a huge platter for a fiesta, enchiladas en salsa roja have always been one of my favorite meals.
    Get the recipe at: Sweet Life
    Photo credit: Vianney Rodriguez
  • Black Bean and Pepper Enchiladas 9 of 18
    These enchiladas are not only vegetarian, but were made for kids, and they loved them so much.
    Get the recipe at: Babble
    Photo credit: Aggies Kitchen
  • Entomatadas 10 of 18
    This kid-friendly recipe is a sure hit amongst children and adults alike. Plus it's a great introduction of enchiladas to a child's palate.
    Get the recipe at: Spanglish Baby
    Photo credit: Ericka Sanchez
  • Aunt Rosita’s Green Enchiladas 11 of 18
    Tia Rosa is known for making this delicious sauce. This sauce goes great over chicken enchiladas topped with lettuce, sour cream and Queso Fresco.
    Get the recipe at: Growing up Blackxican
    Photo credit: Ruby Wright
  • Enchiladas Verdes (Green) 12 of 18
    If you want to make these vegetarian, you can substitute vegetable broth for the chicken broth in the salsa and fill them with cheese instead of chicken. Either way, I'd like to gobble up a plate.
    Get the recipe at: The Other Side of the Tortilla
    Photo credit: Maura Hernandez
  • Crockpot Enchiladas 13 of 18
    The preparation is done in a snap. Just toss it all in a slow cooker, set it to cook all day, then come home to a meal full of flavor and homecooked goodness.
    Get the recipe at: Babble
    Photo credit: The Kitchen
  • Stacked Red Enchiladas 14 of 18
    Most enchiladas are rolled, but once in a while you get the type that are stacked. This recipe is a time saver, as no oven time required.
    Get the recipe at: Latino Foodie
    Photo credit: Stephen Chavez
  • Chorizo Chicken Enchiladas 15 of 18
    In this recipe for Chorizo & Chicken Enchiladas, you use store-bought rotisserie chicken, and pair it with chorizo, flour tortillas and a quick recipe for homemade Mexican-style red sauce.
    Get the recipe at: Momma Cuisine
    Photo credit: Johanna M. Cook
  • Green Garlic Chicken Enchiladas 16 of 18
    These little gems are made with flour tortillas, and they sound like a whole lot of cheesy deliciousness.
    Get the recipe at: In Erika's Kitchen
    Photo credit: Erika Penzer Kerekes
  • Breakfast Enchiladas – Chilaquiles 17 of 18
    Fried pieces of crisp corn tortilla stew in a simmering red chile that soften the tortilla, and then get smothered in cheese. It holds all the flavors of an enchilada but is served bite size.
    Get the recipe at: Babble
    Photo credit: Nicole Presley
  • Enchiladas de Carnitas 18 of 18
    This recipe is made with simple carnitas and red New Mexico chile. Sounds delicious!
    Get the recipe at: Rustic Garden Bistro
    Photo credit: Kim Brunelli


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