18 Things To Do With Conversation Hearts

There are a few candies with which I have a love-hate relationship. Peeps, for one thing. I mean, who even EATS those things? And yet, I buy them every year and try them, thinking the holiday isn’t complete without a little box of sugary, yellow chicks sitting on my countertop. At Christmas, there are candy canes. I’ve never seen a child eat an entire candy cane. They just end up sucked to a death-sharp tip, sticking to the back of the couch or the underside of a fleece blanket or the exterior of a sock. Ewwww. Then, there are conversation hearts. I always want them. The moment I see them in the store, I feel a flutter of joy. And yet, I buy them, bring them home, try to chew through their rock-hard exterior, and wonder what I’m supposed to do with an entire bag of the things. Thankfully, a good number of clever bloggers have created ADORABLE recipes that make clever use of conversation hearts. If you’re looking for a way to use up that bag of chatty candies, look no further than these 18 ways to use conversation hearts!

  • Personalize Your Cookies 1 of 18
    Though Necco's are used in this specific photo, the idea is the same. Grab some large Conversation Hearts, turn them backward on your cookies, then decorate with an edible marker! Adorbableness!
    Get the recipe for Letter Hearts
  • Make Martinis 2 of 18
    Happy, happy day. The day when Conversation Hearts take a grown-up turn for the kid in us.
    Get the recipe for Conversation Heart Martini's
  • Melt them into Heart Bark 3 of 18
    This lively idea for Conversation Heart Bark is so simple, and perfect for packaging and sharing with someone you love!
    Get the recipe from The Decorated Cookie
  • Stir Them Into Rice Krispies 4 of 18
    Toss Conversation Hearts into this adorable recipe for Funfetti Rice Krispies and let a little color into your holiday!
    Get the recipe from She Knows
  • Top Your Cupcakes 5 of 18
    A drizzle of color and pop of conversation hearts make these cute cupcakes completely Valentine-friendly in every way!
    Get the recipe from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
  • Decorate Your Chocolate Bark 6 of 18
    Chocolate Heart Bark makes colorful use of Conversation Hearts, and gives you something to chat about while munching away your chocoholic cravings!
    Get the recipe from Bake at 350
  • Make No-Bake Valentines With Them 7 of 18
    No-Bake Treats with Conversation Hearts are as easy as 1-2-YUM with this fun recipe!
    Get the recipe from I Wash You Dry
  • Mix them Into Puppy Chow 8 of 18
    If you've never had puppy chow, it's time to fall deeply and madly in love with this super snack-able treat, turned Valentines day delicious!
    Get the recipe from Midwestern Moms
  • Make Conversation Heart Cocoa 9 of 18
    Rim the edges of a pretty mug and fill it with this fun Conversation Heart Cocoa! A warm, satisfying, and sweet treat for your sweetheart!
    Get the recipe from Smart Schoolhouse
  • Decorate Cake Balls 10 of 18
    These basic Valentines Day cake pops are the perfect one-bite way to use Conversation Hearts in your kitchen!
    Get the recipe from Cake Ball Addiction
  • Make Cute Cookies 11 of 18
    How cute are these decorated cookies? Even cuter when they use the simple addition of Converasation hearts to add a little love to the mix!
    Get the recipe from The TomKat Studio
  • Turn them into Jewelry 12 of 18
    If you're the sort that thinks Conversation Hearts aren't even edible, then you'll love this idea for Conversation Heart Jewelry!
    Get the details at Celebrations
  • Turn them Into Cupcake Toppers 13 of 18
    These bright and fluffy Conversation Heart Cupcakes are topped with a homemade marshmallow frosting. How soon can we get one of these in our mouths?!
    Get the recipe from Hoosier Homemade
  • Give Them a Bear Hug 14 of 18
    The Queen of Cake Pops does it again, adding a conversation heart in the arms of an adorable Teddy Bear!
    Get the recipe from Bakerella
  • Make Sugar Cookies 15 of 18
    Hello, Chocolate. Try toss conversation hearts and brownies together for a decadent (and adorable!) Valentines themed dessert!
    Get the recipe from When Adobo Met Feijoada
  • Mix Up Conversation Heart Crunch 16 of 18
    Drizzle White Chocolate over popcorn, toss in conversation hearts, and you've got this clever recipe for Conversation Heart Crunch!
    My Litter
  • Toss ‘Em Into Popcorn 17 of 18
    Looking for a fun way to make a pretty batch of Valentines Day popcorn? Look no further! This simpler recipe shows you how!
    Get the recipe from Gimme Some Oven
  • Mix ‘Em Into Cookies 18 of 18
    Whoopie-Pie Inspired Conversation Heart cookies get a schmear of marshmallow fluff in the center. So cute!
    Get the recipe from We Are Not Martha

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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