19 Healthy Kids Salad Recipes

  • Strawberry Salad with Candied Almondsand Balsamic Vinaigrette 1 of 19

    If your kids are fans of breakfast for dinner, they should really try dessert for lunch. With juicy strawberries, sugary almonds, and creamy goat cheese, this salad is practically a greener, lighter manifestation of everyone’s favorite cheesecake.
    Make Strawberry Salad with Candied Almonds and Balsamic Vinaigrette »
  • Carrot Ribbon Salad 2 of 19
    At the sight of these colorful carrot curlicues, your kids will gobble their vegetables right up. Add to the fun by letting them help. With a stool and a peeler — and maybe a little supervision — they’ll become proud (and hungry) little chefs in no time.
    Make Carrot Ribbon Salad »
  • Bacon 3 of 19
    This savory spinach salad is nothing short of an adventure for the palate, one that even the most carnivorous kid will enjoy. Crunchy croutons, crispy bacon, and poached eggs create a complex combination of textures that will intrigue everyone with every bite.
    Make Bacon & Egg Spinach Salad »
  • Spinach Salad featuring Blueberries and Feta 4 of 19
    Summer heat can make the kids sluggish, but this spinach salad’s blueberries — a powerful superfood — will spark some energy back into their lives. The natural sugar provides an extra energy boost, too.
    Make Spinach Salad featuring Blueberries and Feta »
  • Taco Salad 5 of 19
    Ease into healthy eating with this easy-to-assemble taco salad. It’s practically Taco Bell lite, and with a deliciously tangy dressing, your kids will barely notice they’re actually crunching on some
    serious veggies.
    Make Taco Salad »
  • Broiled Summer Salad 6 of 19
    If your kids aren’t into the taste of raw vegetables, serve a broiled summer salad instead. With a total of 15 minutes cook time, getting your kids to enjoy the full ripeness of sweet summer vegetables has never been easier.
    Make Broiled Summer Salad »
  • Double Watermelon Salad 7 of 19
    Everyone knows that watermelon is the juiciest, most scrumptious fruit of the summer — perfect for quenching thirst on a humid day. The most ingenious part: This undercover salad can be disguised as a fruity dessert for picky eaters.
    Make Double Watermelon Salad »
  • Firecracker Potato Salad 8 of 19
    Kids like nothing better than festive, colorful food. Luckily, the differently-hued spuds in this creamy firecracker potato salad are fun for them to eat and easy for you to prepare. An overall win-win side-dish solution.
    Make Firecracker Potato Salad »
  • Caesar Salad 9 of 19
    Appetites can be fickle during the summer, but a shape-shifting Caesar salad can appeal to all. Whether the kids are hankering for croutons or nuts, zucchini or chicken, it can all be tossed in.
    Make Caesar Salad »
  • Snickers Salad 10 of 19
    Your kids probably won’t believe their eyes when you set a bowl of this salad on the table, but they’re sure to love you unconditionally for it. Who else gets to have chocolately, caramely treats as a meal? Warning: The first serving will leave them wanting more, so be prepared to make this time
    and time again.
    Make Snickers Salad »
  • Tabbouleh 11 of 19
    There’s a reason why everyone sells lemonade during the summer — it’s light, rejuvenating, and completely irresistible. The same can be said of this citrusy tabbouleh, made all the more refreshing with a sprinkle of mint — perfect for a day of running around outside.
    Make Tabbouleh »
  • Blackened Chicken Salad 12 of 19
    Even if you’ve been stuck at home all summer, you can still introduce your kids to a little Southern influence with a blackened chicken salad. Seasoned with rich Cajun spices, this meaty dish can be lightened with sweet pepitas and succulent strawberries.
    Make Blackened Chicken Salad »
  • Greek Pasta Salad 13 of 19
    You can fuel your kids this summer with the healthy carbs in this recipe. This salad is also filling and easily customizable, boasting big chunks of tomatoes and cheese, and a classic oregano dressing that adds depth without any bitterness.
    Make Greek Pasta Salad »
  • Layered Fiesta Rice Salad 14 of 19
    Since summer is the time to let loose, have some fun with this layered fiesta rice salad. Your kids will get a kick out of eating vitamin-packed veggies and fiber-laden rice in their very own glasses.
    Make Layered Fiesta Rice Salad »
  • Chicken Salad With Grapes 15 of 19
    If your kids love mixing the food on their plates, they should like this chicken salad with grapes. As strange a pairing as this might sound, the plump grapes add a delightful sweetness to the savory chicken and make each mouthwatering bite a juicy joy.
    Make Chicken Salad With Grapes »
  • Dill Potato Salad 16 of 19
    Potato salad is a favorite for the summer. Surprise your little ones and spice things up with a dash of chopped dill and a splash of lemon juice.
    Make Dill Potato Salad »
  • Curried Quinoa Salad 17 of 19
    Who says healthy food has to be bland? This curried quinoa salad will add a kick of flavor to delight the palate. For younger, more sensitive tastebuds, greater chunks of mango will add refreshing sweetness to chewy grain.
    Make Curried Quinoa Salad »
  • Red Cabbage and Kohlrabi Slaw 18 of 19
    Coleslaw completes a perfect summer barbecue. For a tangy-sweet mouthful that’s not swimming in mayo and sugar, try this red cabbage and kohlrabi slaw with a delightfully subtle dressing of cider vinegar, salt, and pepper.
    Make Red Cabbage and Kohlrabi Slaw »
  • Rainbow Corn Salad 19 of 19
    This light rainbow corn salad is the easiest picky-eater solution you’ll ever find. With almost every color on the spectrum represented, your kids will be too busy chowing down each veggie to realize how much fiber and all the antioxidants they’re consuming.
    Make Rainbow Corn Salad »

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