19 Ways to Detox Your Diet

detox foods
detox foods

We’ve just spent an entire month and a half (if you count Thanksgiving as the start of the holiday season) eating massive amounts of amazingly delicious foods — meats, cheeses, desserts, boozy treats — to our hearts’ content. “It’s ok,” we told ourselves. “The diet starts in January.” And so here we are. It’s time to pay the bill. The party is over. The fat ladies have sung.

If you’re having a hard time getting back into the health groove and are unsure of when you’ll realistically be able to squeeze in all that time at the gym you fantasized about while reaching over the table for fifths, just breathe. The biggest changes start with the smallest bites. The easiest thing you can do to get back on track is invite some healthy fare back into your life. That said, here are 19 simple ways to detox your diet …

  • Try Chia Seeds! 1 of 19
    Try Chia Seeds!
    Chia seeds are a magical detox superfood; they can absorb up to 30 times their weight in water, which aids in cleaning out your digestive system. Chia seeds are also rich in protein, minerals, enzymes, calcium and Omega-3. So why not enjoy some chia seed pudding for breakfast?
    Make chia seed pudding
  • Detox from Dairy 2 of 19
    Detox from Dairy
    Try going dairy-free for a few days and see how your body feels. Almond, hemp, soy and rice milk are great alternatives to dairy milk. Non-dairy cheeses and more can be found at most grocery stores as well.
    Make your own almond milk
  • Sip Smoothies! 3 of 19
    Sip Smoothies!
    Smoothies aren't just for summer! They are a great way to get plenty of healthy, whole foods, like fruits (and veggies), in your diet.
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  • Add Veggies to Everything 4 of 19
    Add Veggies to Everything
    Adding veggies to your favorite foods (like rice, pasta, and pizza) is a great way to start a healthy new year. They'll fill you up while providing you with nutrients your body needs.
    Make lemon veggie pasta
  • Go Raw 5 of 19
    Go Raw
    You are sure to improve your diet if you add more raw, enzyme-rich, living foods to your diet.
    Try 20 raw ingredients and recipes
  • Have Meatless Meals 6 of 19
    Have Meatless Meals
    Try adding a few meatless meals to your family's weekly menu. Healthy, plant-based meals are lower in saturated fat and rich in whole food nutrients and fiber. For meat replacements, focus on foods like beans, mushrooms, whole grains and vegetarian staples, like tofu, tempeh and more.
    Make a grilled portobello lemon salad
  • Chug Green Juice 7 of 19
    Chug Green Juice
    Green juice is packed with healthy stuff! Chug a glass of it daily and your body will thank you. Start with a simple blend of green apple, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger.
    A guide to green juice — and busting the myths about it
  • Lighten Up Lunch 8 of 19
    Lighten Up Lunch
    Fill your lunchbox with light, healthy foods, like this quinoa and hummus veggie pita. Nix the heavy cheese, meat and high-fat condiments that can really weigh you down.
    Make a lemon hummus quinoa pita
  • Hydrate with Coconut Water 9 of 19
    Hydrate with Coconut Water
    Instead of grabbing that sugary sports drink, hydrate with all-natural coconut water, which is rich in electrolytes, much lower in calories and sugar content, and totally satisfying. Try a coconut water frosty after a workout!
    Make a strawberry coconut water frosty
  • Eat More Fruit 10 of 19
    Eat More Fruit
    Fresh fruit is low in calories, high in water content, and rich in nutrients and fiber. The perfect detox food, indeed! Glam up fresh fruit with maple syrup, lemon juice, or even exotic vinegars and spices.
    Make fruit tapas
  • Sip Spicy Juices 11 of 19
    Sip Spicy Juices
    Add fresh ginger and spicy cayenne powder to juice for a stimulating sip. These flavor perks can help make grassy juices like green juice more appealing. And some studies have shown that consuming spicy foods may boost your metabolism.
    Make a citrus kicker
  • Load Up on Citrus 12 of 19
    Load Up on Citrus
    Citrus is a fab detox food because it is rich in vitamin C, an essential antioxidant that aids in protecting and repairing our cells. Vitamin C can protect us against free radicals, helping our bodies detox from the inside out. Plus, everyone enjoys the sweet flavor of oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines! (Fresh-squeezed juice is best!)
    Make an orange juice frosty
  • Munch on Slaw Salads 13 of 19
    Munch on Slaw Salads
    Slaw salads are fabulous detox foods that keep you chewing and chewing and chewing. Perfect for filling your tummy up with lots of good-for-you veggies.
    Make easy tahini carrot slaw
  • Can the Soda 14 of 19
    Can the Soda
    Sick of feeling bloated and fatigued from your usual soda pop fix? Ditch the soda habit this new year and fill up on a healthier assortment of bevies. You'll feel more hydrated and energized without all those artificial flavors, sugars and colors.
    5 healthy alternatives to soda
  • Add Healthy Soups to Your Menu 15 of 19
    Add Healthy Soups to Your Menu
    Soups help fill you up with less calories when you are hungry. Start your meal with soup, and you may even eat less.
    Make ginger carrot soup
  • Add Healthy Foods! 16 of 19
    Add Healthy Foods!
    Stop restricting and start adding! If you focus on adding healthy foods to your diet rather than restricting how much you eat, you may be healthier and happier in the long run. (Carrots are the new chips!)
    25 healthy foods to add to your diet
  • Try a Macro Meal 17 of 19
    Try a Macro Meal
    A macrobiotic diet is low in saturated fat, rich in nutrient-dense whole foods and low in rpocessed foods. Eating less processed foods will help keep your body in balance. So this diet just may be your answer to lifelong health, zen and happiness.
    How to make a macro meal
  • Papaya for Breakfast 18 of 19
    Papaya for Breakfast
    Papayas are the only food that contain the enzyme papain, which boosts the efficiency of your digestive system. You could pop papain supplements, but fresh papaya is the best source.
    Make a papaya lime bowl
  • Treat Yourself with a Choco Shake 19 of 19
    Treat Yourself with a Choco Shake
    Everyone needs a treat every now and then. A little chocolate goes a long way to satisfy your sweet tooth, and this raw cacao shake is rich in antioxidants, fiber and potassium — so you'll be satisfying a craving guilt-free!
    Make a raw chocolate shake

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