2-Minute Dessert: Raspberry Nutella Panini

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Did you see Julie’s nutella ice cream yesterday?? Brilliant!  It had me thinking about the wonders of this heavenly hazelnut concoction.

A couple weeks ago, while I was photographing my baguette and brie dinner, I salvaged an end of the baguette to make this dessert. It was so easy and versatile, and I’ll share how I made them, but to make dessert panini, you could probably use any number of cheeses and toppings.  All you need is something resembling a panini press, a good loaf of bread, and your imagination (this portion of your brain does not govern will power or dieting, so have fun!).

Raspberry Nutella Panini

1 fresh artisan baguette
jar of nutella, or semisweet chocolate chips
brie, or another sweet cheese, such as mascarpone or fromage d’Affinois
raspberries, or other summer berries
melted butter

Assemble sandwiches as you wish, brush the outsides of the bread with a little bit of butter, and grill in a panini press set on high until cheese is melted, about 2-3 minutes.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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