Introducing Brinner!


  • Sunrise Breakfast Casserole 1 of 20

    Sunrise, sunset, whenever — this casserole, filled with sausage, onions, cheese, hash browns and eggs, makes a tasty dish no matter what time of day.

    Make sunrise breakfast casserole

  • Waffle Tacos 2 of 20

    This out-of-the-box taco recipe pairs crispy waffles with black bean taco meat for the ultimate party on your plate. And we have an inkling no one would ever suspect this was a breakfast dish ...

    Make waffle tacos »

  • Savory Buckwheat Crepes with Mushrooms and Swiss 3 of 20
    While nothing’s tastier than the classic chocolate-filled dessert crepe, this savory version is slightly more appropriate for dinner.
    Make savory buckwheat crepes
  • Bacon, Egg and Sausage Pizza 4 of 20
    We’ll admit we love a little leftover pizza for breakfast from time to time, but a little breakfast in pizza? Yes, please.
    Make bacon, egg and sausage pizza »
  • Quiche with Herbed Grain Crust 5 of 20
    Take a night off from your meat-eating ways with this surprisingly savory vegan quiche. Tofu has never tasted so good ...
    Make quiche with herbed grain crust »
  • Dill Breakfast Potatoes 6 of 20
    Don’t forget the sides! Serve up these dill breakfast potatoes instead of plain ol’ mashed potatoes for dinner. Hint: they go with an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich quite nicely.
    Make dill breakfast potatoes »
  • Asparagus, Tomato, and Spinach Frittata 7 of 20
    If your kids are one of those “no-crust” eaters, then do we have the ultimate “breakfast for dinner” dish for you: frittata, which is basically a crust-less quiche. Bonus: The dish’s six cheeses will make your kids forget there are any veggies inside to complain about.
    Make asparagus, tomato, and spinach frittata »
  • Texas Baked Biscuits 8 of 20
    Bring a taste of the Alamo to your next family dinner (and channel your inner cowboy) with these Texas baked biscuits. We suggest serving with fried potatoes or cheesy hash browns to complete the meal!
    Make Texas baked biscuits »
  • Savory Pumpkin Quiche 9 of 20
    Is it dinner? Dessert? Breakfast? Jump on the pumpkin bandwagon with this unique quiche recipe delicious any time of day.
    Make savory pumpkin quiche »
  • Huevos Rancheros 10 of 20
    You may see the eggs in this dish and think it’s only good for mornings — but the healthy kale, fiber-filled pinto beans, and avocado make this hearty enough for a busy weeknight dinner.
    Make huevos rancheros »
  • 5-Ingredient Tofu Scramble 11 of 20
    Throw in some vegan cheese, maple syrup, or your favorite veggies to make this tofu scramble a super family supper.
    Make 5-ingredient tofu scramble »
  • Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza 12 of 20
    Forego your typical Friday night pizza for this delicious bacon and egg pie. The best part? You can warm up the leftovers for Saturday morning breakfast!
    Make bacon and egg breakfast pizza »
  • Ham and Cheese Crepes 13 of 20
    If the cupboard’s empty but you still want to make a great dinner, all these hearty crepes require are a little ham, cheese, and crepe mix — a high-class meal you can make in no time at all.
    Make ham and cheese crepes »
  • Bacon-cheddar Scrambled Egg Nests 14 of 20
    If your kids are revolting against your standard weeknight dinners of spaghetti, meatloaf, or roast chicken, give them something new to nosh on with these cheesy egg nests. We have a feeling their mouths will be full of protein-rich eggs ... and not complaints.
    Make bacon-cheddar scrambled egg nests »
  • Gingerbread Pancakes with Warm Maple Applesauce 15 of 20
    Put a sweet spin on dinner with these gingerbread pancakes — complete with homemade applesauce. Just don’t be surprised if you crave something salty for dessert!
    Make gingerbread pancakes with warm maple applesauce »
  • Christmas Breakfast Casserole 16 of 20
    For a hearty autumn dinner that doesn’t skimp on flavor, dish up this Christmas casserole. We guarantee your kids will dig it, too — who doesn’t love a helping of sausage and cheese?
    Make Christmas breakfast casserole »
  • Whole-wheat Pancakes with Dried Cherries 17 of 20
    If it’s 6 p.m. and you’re craving pancakes, you might as well go with a whole-wheat version complemented by sweet dried cherries and a little lemon zest. Whole wheat makes the meal more filling — and healthier to boot!
    Make whole wheat pancakes »
  • Mexican Egg Scramble 18 of 20
    Serve this sausage, egg, and salsa dish for dinner (it takes just 10 minutes!) and don’t be surprised if your kiddies scream out “Olé!” with every bite.
    Make Mexican egg scramble »
  • Sweet Potato and Red Onion Hash 19 of 20
    Top these onion sweet potatoes with an over-easy egg and Tabasco sauce for a spicy kick
    on “brinner.”
    Make sweet potato and red onion hash »
  • Shakshouka 20 of 20
    This North African dish is a zingy twist on the ol’ poached eggs — and has enough sauce and veggies to be right at home on the dinner table. (Just skip the poblano peppers and go easy on the red pepper flakes for young eaters.)
    Make shakshouka »
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