20 Creative Recipes Using COOL WHIP

COOL WHIP can be used for so much more  than  just eating it with a spoon (don’t tell me I’m the only one that does that?). We’ve been quite busy lately here  in the Family Kitchen whipping up a slew of scrumptious desserts featuring this classic American concoction. You’ll probably want to go ahead and grab a tub or two after you see all these beauties. You can find all the recipes (including the COOL WHIP Whoopie Pies featured above) after the jump!

  • Chocolate Blackberry Mousse Cups 1 of 20
    10 minutes and a few simple ingredients are all you need to make this light and fluffy dessert. We won't tell it didn't take you hours.
    Make chocolate blackberry mousse cups
  • Mini Cherry Pies 2 of 20
    These mini cherry pies couldn't be any cuter if they tried. And easy. Add a few blueberries to the top and you have a perfect patriotic pie.
    Make mini cherry pies
  • Pizzelle Sandwiches 3 of 20
    These no bake cookie sandwiches are the perfect "hurry up Mom, I need a snack" snack. Did we mention there's Nutella involved?
    Make pizzelle sandwiches
  • Hot Fudge Brownie Shooters 4 of 20
    Need a chocolate fix stat? 5 minutes and a microwave and you're on your way to curbing those choco cravings.
    Make hot fudge brownie shooters
  • Cookie Cup Sundaes 5 of 20
    Sundaes just got a whole lot cuter. Bake up a batch of cookie cups and then fill them with all the sundae fixings your heart desires.
    Make cookie cup sundaes
  • COOL WHIP Whoopie Pies 6 of 20
    Cake mix cookies are soft chewy and make perfect whoopie pies. Fill them with COOL WHIP and you have an easy everyday dessert.
    Make COOL WHIP whoopie pies
  • Chocolate Mousse Pie 7 of 20
    These mini chocolate mousse pies will disappear right before your eyes. The chocolate mousse filling is so incredibly versatile we bet you'll find a dozen other ways to use it.
    Make chocolate mousse pie
  • Strawberry Shortcake Push Up Pops 8 of 20
    Push up cake pops are hotter than Georgia asphalt right now. A mini muffin pan is the secret to making these beauties with ease.
    Make strawberry shortcake push up pops
  • COOL WHIP Cappuccino 9 of 20
    No espresso machine needed to make these mock cappuccinos. You will however need willpower because they've been known to be addicting.
    Make COOL WHIP cappuccino
  • Freezer Cookie Cake 10 of 20
    2 ingredients and some time are all you need to make this beauty. Fair warning, be on the lookout for the cookie monster.
    Make freezer cookie cake
  • Chocolate Zoo 11 of 20
    Looking for extra Cool Mom/Dad points? Your kids will go coo coo when you make them this chocolate zoo.
    Make chocolate zoo
  • COOL WHIP Fondue 12 of 20
    Just when you thought you'd seen every type of fondue, along comes this one. Go ahead and drool. It's okay.
    Make COOL WHIP fondue
  • Baby Caramel Banana Pies 13 of 20
    Hello Baby...caramel banana pie that is. Mini means you can eat two or three of these right?
    Make caramel banana pies
  • Banana Split Pancake Stackers 14 of 20
    Breakfast just got a makeover. And we like it. A lot. We're pretty sure your kids will too. I mean breakfast + banana splits = Yes please.
    Make banana split pancake stackers
  • Watermelon Sorbet 15 of 20
    Turn your favorite summer fruit into a COOL creamy sorbet. As if that wasn't COOL enough, you can also make a science experiment out of it. Oh yeah!
    Make watermelon sorbet
  • Lemonade Pie 16 of 20
    Love lemonade? Then you'll most definitely love this luscious frozen lemonade pie. And it's easy as pie to make.
    Make lemonade pie
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes 17 of 20
    If you're looking for a lightened up cream cheese frosting boy do we have one for you. And it sits a top red velvet cupcakes. Who could ask for more?
    Make red velvet cupcakes
  • Pineapple Pops 18 of 20
    These pineapple pops are fun, fruity and perfect for COOLing off this summer.
    Make pineapple pops
  • Oreo Cream Pie 19 of 20
    Oreo's + Pie = Creamy Dreamy Goodness. Go ahead and try to eat just one slice. I dare ya.
    Make Oreo cream pie
  • Raspberry Oreo Parfaits 20 of 20
    Parfaits are great for entertaining and can be made well ahead of time. Easy breezy and of course delicious.
    Make raspberry Oreo parfaits


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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