20 Dairy-Free Slaw Salad Recipes

The past few years I have rediscovered my deep love of slaw salads. Cole slaw, carrot slaw, jicama slaw and more. Give me a chilled, crunchy, creamy, zesty and vibrant bowl of some sort of “slaw” and I am a happy girl. I think my passion for slaw started as a kid. I used to crave bowls and bowls of (gasp) the KFC slaw. That sweet, salty, creamy mess always made me swoon. But today, I crave slaws because they are delicious and can even be incredibly healthy! Just think of all the fiber and veggies packed into one bowl. Slaws are versatile too. They are delicious served alone or perfect for stacking in sandwiches, stuffing into pitas and rolling into wraps. But slaws don’t have to be loaded with unhealthy ingredients like mayo. Slaws can be deliciously dairy-free. Just check out these 20 Dairy-Free Slaw Salad Recipes!..

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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