20 Devilishly Decadent Desserts with Bacon

Image Source: Elizabeth Stark
Image Source: Elizabeth Stark

The explosion in bacon’s popularity in recent years just proves how many of us have a deep love for this fatty, salty, delicious strip of goodness! With our bacon obsession comes bacon experimentation, which has led to quite an array of dessert recipes laced with this savory treat!

The following 15 desserts with bacon are truly decadent and are sure to please any bacon lover, and maybe even those of us who think we don’t like bacon all that much. How can you not love mini ricotta cheesecakes with fig and bourbon jam and candied bacon? Or bacon caramel apples? Or peanut butter bacon Nutella cookies? Or…well, just click through! These recipes are to die for!

1. Apple Pie With Bacon Lattice

This recipe proves that apple pie and bacon were made for each other the bacon infuses the pie with flavor while the steam from the apples keeps the bacon from shrinking. Plus, it looks cool!

Make Apple Pie with Bacon Lattice

2. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are the quintessential dessert recipe of course we have to try it with bacon!

Make Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies from Quarter Life Crisis Cuisines

3. Chunky Elvis Ice Cream

This ice cream is filled with all kinds of chunky goodness including bacon, of course!

Make Chunky Elvis Ice Cream from Snappy Gourmet

4. Bacon Caramel Apples

Who wouldn’t want to bite into the crispy, salty-sweet goodness of a bacon caramel apple?

Make Bacon Caramel Apples

5. Mini Ricotta Cheesecakes With Fig And Bourbon Jam And Candied Bacon

In Sabrina’s own words, this dessert is RIDICULOUS.

Make Mini Ricotta Cheesecakes with Fig and Bourbon Jam and Candied Bacon by The Tomato Tart

6. Cinnamon Sugar Bacon Twists

This bacon treat is super simple and super delish.

Make Cinnamon-Sugar Bacon Twists

7. Chocolate Bacon Bomb Pie

This pie is a bomb of deliciousness!

Make Chocolate Bacon Bomb Pie from Wine & Glue

8. Dude Food Magic Bars

These bars may be filled with dude food but they aren’t just for dudes!

Make Dude Food Magic Bars from Sugar Hero

9. Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles

This breakfast recipe (pictured above) isn’t any harder to make than waffles and bacon, but combining them makes for a special treat.

Make Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles

10. Peanut Butter Bacon Nutella Cookies With Sea Salt

These little chocolatey cookies have bacon and Nutella, a double-whammy of trendy, delicious ingredients!

Make Peanut Butter Bacon Nutella Cookies with Sea Salt from Kelly Bakes

11. Ultimate Bacon Chocolate Cupcakes

These cupcakes are super chocolatey and a great balance of savory and sweet.

Make Ultimate Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes from 52 Kitchen Adventures

12. Bacon Shortbread

I think the only way to make shortbread even richer is by adding bacon. These cookies are sure to melt in your mouth!

Make Bacon Shortbread

13. Browned Butter Bacon Congo Bars

These bars feature the delicious combination of bacon and chocolate in a really great way.

Make Browned Butter Bacon Congo Bars from Miss in the Kitchen

14. Maple Bacon Caramel Corn

Adding maple syrup and chunks of bacon to caramel corn is sure to make this classic treat ultra addictive.

Make Maple Bacon Caramel Corn

15. Pumpkin Caramel Bars With Bacon

I think this might be my favorite combo of flavors from the whole lot pumpkin, caramel and bacon. Yum!

Make Pumpkin Caramel Bars with Bacon from Crumbs and Chaos

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