20 Hearty Bean Soups for Winter

One of my favorite cold-weather cooking dishes is soup. It is easy to make, warms me up, and can be a very healthy meal. Soups can be made all sorts of ways and one of my favorite are bean soups. They are healthy, substantial, and generally fairly simple to pull together. I love having a big bowl with a side of warm bread for dipping. I often double the batch and freeze half because the soup also reheats really well. To get you ready for cold weather cooking here are some of my favorite hearty bean soups that are easy to make and so delicious to eat!

  • 20 Hearty Bean Soups for Winter 1 of 21
    20 Hearty Bean Soups for Winter

    If you like beans you'll love these hearty bean soups that are packed with wonderful flavor and are perfect for winter.

  • Three Bean Soup with Ham Hock 2 of 21
    three bean soup wth ham hock

    A great way to flavor bean soup is with a delicious ham hock. Try this easy soup this winter and be sure to add lots of fresh vegetables!

    Photo: Shauna Ahern

  • Spicy Cozy Chili Bean Soup 3 of 21
    Spicy Cozy Chili Bean Soup

    This vegan bean soup tastes like the best kind of spicy chili. It is perfect for warming you up after a long day outside in the snow!

    Photo: Kathy Patalsky

  • Slow Cooker Ham & Black Bean Soup 4 of 21
    Slow Cooker Ham & Black Bean Soup

    Don't have a lot of time to cook? Make your bean soup in the slow cooker! This easy soup is perfect for busy winter days when you are on the go.

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Spinach & White Bean Soup 5 of 21
    Spinach and White Bean Soup

    Give your bean soup a boost with healthy greens. This spinach and white bean soup is so healthy and it makes a terrific hearty dinner for any weeknight.

    Photo: JulieVR

  • Kale, Tomato & White Bean Soup 6 of 21
    Kale Tomato and White Bean Soup

    This soup is absolutely chock full of protein from the beans and vegetables. The rainbow of ingredients comes from the tomatoes, carrots, and yellow onions!

    Photo: Aggie Goodman

  • Vegan Black Bean Soup 7 of 21
    Vegan Black Bean Soup

    A black bean soup is a terrific Tex-Mex meal that is perfect for lunch or dinner. Serve it with lots of cornbread and a dollop of sour cream.

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Senate Bean Soup 8 of 21
    Senate Bean Soup

    Do you know that the U.S. Senate has a bean soup recipe that they eat regularly? This white bean soup is perfect for any family, any night of the week!

    Photo: Kathy Patalsky

  • Ribollita 9 of 21

    This easy Italian-style soup is perfect for a cold night. Serve it up in a big cast iron pot and let everyone ladle their own helpings into big bowls.

    Photo: Food52

  • Vegetarian Minestrone 10 of 21
    Vegetarian minestrone

    A simple vegetable soup is always welcome on a cold winter night. Enjoy the spicy warm flavors and generous dose of beans with each sip.

    Photo: Brooke McLay

  • Turkey Barley Chili 11 of 21
    Turkey Barley Chili

    This tasty turkey chili is full of navy beans and is perfect for a hearty meal. Serve it on top of a barley roll and top it with lots of cheese to complete the presentation.

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Bison Chili 12 of 21
    Bison chili

    Chili can be made so many different ways. This awesome chili is made with bison meat and lots of kidney beans. It is perfect for a hearty dinner and even works well packaged up for lunch.

    Photo: Jennifer Leal

  • Summer Vegetable Soup with Pesto 13 of 21
    Summer Vegetable Soup Pesto

    A rich vegetable soup with beans is terrific when flavored with pesto. This summery soup is lighter than chili but still perfect for a winter meal.

    Photo: Aggie Goodman

  • Chicken Tortilla Soup 14 of 21
    Chicken Tortilla Soup

    Sometimes beans taste great when used as a topping for a soup. Stir refried beans into tortilla soup and enjoy a Tex-Mex meal that you can make any night of the week.

    Photo: Macki Cayloma

  • Chicken Enchilada Soup 15 of 21
    Chicken Enchilada Soup

    This awesome soup tastes just like enchiladas, black beans and all. When you are in the mood for a Tex-Mex meal but still want soup, whip this up in a jiffy. Don't forget the shredded cheese topping!

    Photo: Jennifer Leal

  • Zombie Chili 16 of 21
    Zombie Chili

    Butter beans are the main ingredients of this great chili. It is a great dish to serve up on a cold winter night... and don't forget the lime!

    Photo: Brooke McLay

  • Chana Masala 17 of 21
    Chana Masala

    A classic Indian Chana Masala is a curry made with garbanzo beans. It is a healthy dish that is simple to make, and is full of warm curry flavors.

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Kale & Black Bean Chili 18 of 21
    kale and black bean chili

    This hearty chili is packed with black beans and kale and is completely vegan. It is a wonderful hearty soup to warm you up on a cold winter day.

    Photo: Lindsay Johnson

  • Three Bean Pumpkin Chili 19 of 21
    Three Bean Pumpkin Chil

    Pumpkin lends a wonderful fall flavor to this chili that is filled with three different kinds of beans. It is perfect for winter and tastes especially wonderful topped with a dollop of sour cream.

    Photo: Aggie Goodman

  • Chunky Vegetable Stew 20 of 21
    Chunky vegetable Stew

    This great vegetable stew can be made with white beans or garbanzo beans. It is such a healthy, easy dinner with such wonderful flavor, you might not even guess that it is totally vegan.

    Photo: Kathy Patalsky

  • Tortellini & Bean Soup 21 of 21
    Tortellni & Bean Soup

    This hot tortellini soup is perfect for serving up this winter. Everyone will love the cool twist with the black beans and cheese tortellini!


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