20 Mouth Watering Pulled Pork Recipes

Pulled pork is one of my weaknesses. It’s my favorite thing to cook, especially in the crock pot. If I have the time though, I will slow-roast a large bone-in Boston Butt in the oven then pull it and let it simmer all the next day in the crock pot. That’s my favorite way. It’s really easy, but takes a lot of time. For me, it usually takes about 2 days. 18 – 24 hours of baking in the oven at 225 degrees until the internal temperature is 195 – 200 degrees, then another day of simmering in the crock pot on low in BBQ sauce. There are so many ways to make pulled pork though, most of them not taking nearly as long as my version, and so many different flavor variations. From Asian flavors to Dr. Pepper, you can use just about what ever sounds interesting in your kitchen to make your pulled pork.

Here are 20 mouth watering pulled pork recipes from around the web:

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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