20 Naughty and Nice Desserts!

The best part about eating dessert is feeling like you are treating yourself. But sometimes a sinfully delicious dessert can leave you feeling a bit, well, guilty. That’s why it’s helpful to have a bit of ‘nice’ built into a ‘naughty’ dessert. You’ll be satisfying your sweet tooth craving while doing something good for your body. Goodbye guilt, hello dessert. Indulge, and feel good about doing it — and serving it to your family.

A good lesson to teach kids: dessert doesn’t always have to be ‘bad’ — it can be infused with good-for-you foods – and still taste delicious. Here are 20 naughty and nice desserts to try – all are vegan/dairy free too!..

  • Rich Chocolate Molten Cake 1 of 20

    Naughty: Rich chocolate fudge pool.
    Nice: This cake is actually loaded with cocoa antioxidants, fiber and is fat-free!
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  • Strawberries and Coconut Whip 2 of 20

    Naughty: Decadent coconut milk whip.
    Nice: Antioxidant and fiber rich berries! whip recipe..
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  • Banana Cream Pie 3 of 20

    Naughty: Creamy coconut topping and coconut oil.
    Nice: Loaded with healthy bananas and silken tofu!
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  • Chocolate Silken Pudding 4 of 20

    Naughty: Rich chocolate flavor.
    Nice: Protein-rich tofu base and spoonfuls of antioxidant rich cacao. Healthy berries too!
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  • Oatmeal Cookies 5 of 20

    Naughty: Vegan butter.
    Nice: Whole grain oats.
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  • Chocolate Fruit Panini 6 of 20

    Naughty: Rich chocolate spread.
    Nice: Healthy fiber-rich persimmons smashed between the bread.
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  • Sweet Fruit Sorbet 7 of 20

    Naughty: Sugar content.
    Nice: Real fruit flavors and sweetened with maple syrup.
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  • Blackberry Pie 8 of 20

    Naughty: Buttery crust.
    Nice: Gobs of healthy blackberries in each bite.
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  • Fresh Strawberry Shortbread Tart 9 of 20

    Naughty: Buttery crust.
    Nice: Fresh berries in each bite.
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  • Raspberry Banana Split 10 of 20

    Naughty: Scoops of coconut ice cream.
    Nice: Fresh raspberry sauce is filled with fiber and antioxidants, fresh bananas too.
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  • Rice Pudding with Peanut and Citrus 11 of 20

    Naughty: Rich peanut and cream flavors.
    Nice: Whole grain brown rice and whole peanuts.
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  • Banana Peanut Butter Shake 12 of 20

    Naughty: Rich soy creamer and lots of peanut butter.
    Nice: It's ice cream and dairy free, with plenty of healthy bananas.
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  • Peach Pie 13 of 20

    Naughty: Buttery Crust.
    Nice: Fiber and antioxidant rich peaches in each bite.
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  • Raspberry Chocolate Parfait 14 of 20

    Naughty: Swirl of soy cream.
    Nice: High protein tofu base, bundles of berries in the fresh berry sauce.
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  • Ginger Cookies 15 of 20

    Naughty: Decadent cookie flavor - sweet and chewy.
    Nice: Real molasses and ginger add health properties. Molasses is high in iron!
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  • Apple Cinnamon Dumplings 16 of 20

    Naughty: Carb-rich, buttery cinna-bun.
    Nice: Real fresh fall apples in each swirled bite!
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  • 5 Ingredient Vegan Pumpkin Pie 17 of 20

    Naughty: Sweet with gobs of vegan cream cheese.
    Nice: Real pumpkin is filled with nutrients and whole healthy cashews too!
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  • Cherry Chocolate Smashed Panini 18 of 20

    Naughty: Chocolate spread.
    Nice: Whole cherries!
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  • Choco Pom Pudding Pie 19 of 20

    Naughty: Chocolate pie, cookie crust.
    Nice: Secret ingredient of creamy avocado blended in. Healthy pomegranate seeds too!
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  • Walnutcracker Cookies 20 of 20

    Naughty: Sweet cookie.
    Nice: Over three cups of healthy walnuts in each batch!
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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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