20 Perfect Real Food Fast Meals for Winter

Walnut Pasta

With the cold weather cooking season in full force, it is time to think about winter meals that are easy to get on the table. Sometimes there is not a lot of time to cook at the end of the day, but here are few of our absolute favorite meals that are warm enough for winter and fast enough to make on a regular basis! You’ll love the incredible range of ideas here – everything from Thai pork to hearty pastas to homemade Mexican. Take a look and decide which tasty meal will save you time tonight!

  • Asian Salmon Wraps 1 of 15
    Asian Salmon Wraps
    These wraps are both healthy and quick to make, the ideal New Year's resolution meal!
    Make asian salmon wraps
  • Homemade Taquitos 2 of 15
    Homemade Taquitos
    Who needs to trudge through the snow for Mexican when you can make these tasty taquitos at home in no time?!
    Make homemade taquitos
  • Apple Tuna Melts 3 of 15
    Apple Tuna Melts
    This diner favorite is a cinch to make at home and makes a terrific cold weather lunch or dinner.
    Make apple tuna melts
  • Walnut Chicken Strips 4 of 15
    Walnut Chicken Strips
    Chicken fingers get a makeover with fine walnut coating, making them tastier and crunchier than anything from the store.
    Make walnut chicken strips
  • Macaroni Carbonara 5 of 15
    Macaroni Carbonara
    This creamy macaroni dish only requires five ingredients and is the perfect piping hot pasta for a cold winter night.
    Make macaroni carbonara
  • Mozzarella & Pesto Panini 6 of 15
    Mozzarella & Pesto Panini
    This quick panini is an ideal fast winter dinner that is quick, satisfying and flavorful. Perfect for nights when you run in the door from school with five minutes to get a hot meal served!
    Make mozzarella and pesto panini
  • Creamy Polenta 7 of 15
    Creamy Polenta
    A big dish of hot polenta is the basis of so many satisfying cold weather meals. Top it with a fried egg and some greens and the meal is complete.
    Make creamy polenta
  • Walnut Rapini Pasta 8 of 15
    Walnut Rapini Pasta
    This big bowl of pasta, sausage, greens and onions is the perfect cozy weeknight meal for the whole family.
    Make walnut rapini pasta
  • Sesame Noodles 9 of 15
    Sesame Noodles
    These noodles are full of spicy and sweet flavors and are a great light winter meal, or side dish for a heartier cut of meat.
    Make sesame noodles
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken with Pineapple 10 of 15
    Sweet & Sour Chicken with Pineapple
    Chinese food is easy to make at home when you make this piping hot sweet and sour chicken.
    Make sweet and sour chicken with pineapple
  • Asparagus Frittata 11 of 15
    Asparagus Frittata
    Never underestimate the appeal of breakfast for dinner! This tasty baked egg dish is packed with protein and is a snap to make.
    Make asparagus frittata
  • Shortcut Salmon Sandwich 12 of 15
    Shortcut Salmon Sandwich
    You won't believe how easy this tasty sandwich is to pull together. It is a great winter salad everyone will love.
    Make shortcut salmon sandwich
  • Pesto Tortellini Bowl 13 of 15
    Pesto Tortellini Bowl
    A simple bowl of warm tortellini with a big scoop of homemade pesto makes a terrific warm winter dinner.
    Make pesto tortellini bowl
  • Thai Pork & Mango Salad 14 of 15
    Thai Pork & Mango Salad
    A hearty salad like this perfect for winter and is a great way incorporate fruit into your dinner.
    Make thai pork and mango salad
  • Turkey Burgers with Pesto 15 of 15
    Turkey Burgers with Pesto
    Turkey burgers with pesto are always a hit, pair them with a hot baked potato for the ideal winter dinner.
    Make turkey burgers with pesto

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