20 Super Bowl Chili Recipes



What’s the one dish everyone expects at your super bowl party? That’s right, chili. I’ve found 20 crowd pleaser recipes that vary from the classic to the white and everything in between. The chili rescue is here. Keep reading for all the great recipes…

  • Chipotle Pumpkin Chili 1 of 20
    Chipotle Pumpkin Chili
    Use up the last of your pumpkins and add a smoky flavor with chipotle for this super bowl chili.
    Make your own chipotle pumpkin chili
  • Spicy Cozy Chili Bean Soup 2 of 20
    Spicy Cozy Chili Bean Soup
    Is it chili or is it soup? It's both and a tasty halftime treat.
    Make your own spicy cozy chili bean soup
  • White Chicken Chili 3 of 20
    White Chicken Chili
    It may not look like chili, but it will blow your guest away with flavor.
    Make your own white chicken chili
  • Classic Chili In Cheese Bowls 4 of 20
    Classic Chili In Cheese Bowls
    What's better than a classic chili recipe? A classic chili in a cheese bowl!
    Make your own classic chili in cheese bowls
  • Killer Beef Red Chili 5 of 20
    Killer Beef Red Chili
    It's got killer in the title, so it must be a crowd please. Not to mention, I really want the little cauldron in the photo.
    Make your own killer beef red chili
  • Dad Chili 6 of 20
    Dad Chili
    This is a sure man pleaser for the testosterone filled day.
    Make your own dad chili
  • Bison Chili 7 of 20
    Bison Chili
    Mix things up by creating chili with the delicious flavor of bison instead of beef.
    Make your own bison chili
  • Lentil Chili 8 of 20
    Lentil Chili
    Chili made with lentils. Ooo, the flavors of those tiny legumes will merry perfectly with chili spices.
    Make your own lentil chili
  • Chili Bowl Tonight 9 of 20
    Chili Bowl Tonight
    I love a vibrant chili. Seeing this makes me want to use that spoon as a diving board.
    Make your own chili bowl tonight
  • Lighter Turkey And White Bean Chili Nachos 10 of 20
    Lighter Turkey And White Bean Chili Nachos
    Reduce your guilt (from eating all the wings and dips) and kill tow birds with one stone - chili AND nachos.
    Make your own lighter turkey and white bean chili nachos
  • Vegetarian Three Bean Chipotle 11 of 20
    Vegetarian Three Bean Chipotle
    A smokey vegetarian chili that's chock full of beans.
    Make your own vegetarian three bean chipotle chili
  • Two Minute Chili 12 of 20
    Two Minute Chili
    Two minutes? Sign me up! This recipe is perfect for giving me extra time to cook all the other food.
    Make your own two minute chili
  • Homemade Chili Mac 13 of 20
    Homemade Chili Mac
    Chili that will get your kids just as excited as the adults.
    Make your own homemade chili mac
  • Quick Chicken Chili 14 of 20
    Quick Chicken Chili
    Another quick recipe, love. And this one has chicken for a healthier option.
    Make your own quick chicken chili
  • Game Day Chili 15 of 20
    Game Day Chili
    Wow, look at the giant, square pot of chili! The name is Game Day Chili, so you might want to tag this one.
    Get the recipe for game day chili at My Recipes
  • Easy Vegetarian Chili 16 of 20
    Easy Vegetarian Chili
    I'm liking these easy and quick chili's and this one is vegetarian.
    Get the recipe for easy vegetarian chili at Two Peas And Their Pod
  • Rice Cooker Black Bean Chili 17 of 20
    Rice Cooker Black Bean Chili
    If your slow cooker is filled with some other type of super bowl grub, here's the perfect recipe for you, it's chili made in the rice cooker.
    Get the recipe for rice cooker black bean chili at Cooking With My Kid
  • Dylan’s Favorite Chili 18 of 20
    Dylan's Favorite Chili
    Another kid approved chili and it's green. Cool.
    Get the recipe for Dylan's favorite chili at Cooking With My Kid
  • Chili In A Football Bread 19 of 20
    Chili In A Football Bread
    Um, this is the perfect accessory for any chili and a must do at any super bowl party.
    Get the recipe for chili in football bread at Jeanne Benedict
  • Beer Chili Spaghetti 20 of 20
    Beer Chili Spaghetti
    There's Beer, Chili and Spaghetti. Need I say more?
    Get the recipe for beer chili spaghetti at Lazaro Cooks

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