20 Sweet & Savory Cherry Recipes for Summer Fun

I am all about cherries ever since my trip to the Rainier Fruit Company last week. It is high cherry season and they are making it all the way to the east coast! I love using them for just about everything. Sometimes I even forget about cooking with them and just pop them in my mouth like candy whenever I feel like it. One of the things I love to do with cherries this time of year is use them for entertaining. People adore cherries and there are so many great recipes you can serve up for summer that contain these gorgeous red fruit. Here are a few of my favorites!

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    20 Sweet & Savory Cherry Recipes
  • Bruschetta with Cherries 2 of 21
    Cherry Bruschetta

    These gorgeous bruschetta bites are made with sweet tomatoes and cherries. They are ideal for serving on the back porch with a glass of wine before the big meal!

    Photo: Brooklyn Supper

  • Red Wine Caramel Cherries 3 of 21
    Red Wine Caramel Cherries

    Have you ever thought of serving cherries in a sweet and savory dessert? You should! These sweet and sour cherries would taste amazing over vanilla ice cream or a rich slice of cheesecake.

    Photo: Kelly

  • Cherry Meringue Clouds 4 of 21
    Cherry Meringue Clouds

    A meringue is one of summers best and brightest light desserts. Make this gorgeous dessert with sliced cherries and a pouf of freshly baked meringue.

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Sticky Toffee Mug Cake with Cherries 5 of 21
    Sticky Toffee Mug Pudding with Cherries

    This amazing sticky toffee mug cake is simply to die for. To top it off it is filled with the flavor of fresh cherries and a little chocolate. You will love how easy it is to make and serve up to friends!

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Cherry Lemonade 6 of 21
    Cherry Lemonade

    Cherries are also an amazing way to flavor lemonade. They turn it into a ripe, red delicious drink. Add some to bubbly water to make it like a sophisticated punch for kids!

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Black Forest Brownie Bites 7 of 21
    Black Forest Brownie Bites

    As luck would have it, chocolate and cherries go hand in hand. Whip up these adorable brownie bites and top them with fresh tart cherries. They'll be the hit of any party and the kids will clamor for more!

    Photo: Jaime Richardson

  • Lemon Cherry Coffee Crumb Cake 8 of 21
    Lemon Cherry Crumb Cake

    This gorgeous crumb cake begs to be served up for breakfast, brunch, or even dessert! Be sure to pick the best cherries you can find to make this beautiful lemony treat.

    Photo: Stacie Billis

  • Cherry PopTarts 9 of 21
    Cherry pop tarts

    These gorgeous cherry pop tart pops are completely homemade! They contain fresh cherries enveloped in a flakey buttery crust and are just as scrumptious to eat as they are to look at.

    Photo: Brooke McLay

  • Cherry Pie in a Jar 10 of 21
    Cherry Pie in a Jar

    There is nothing quite as wonderful as cherry pie in a jar. It is so delightful to look at and perfectly portable for summer picnics!

    Photo: Paula Jones

  • Cherry Arugula Salad 11 of 21
    Cherry Arugula Salad

    This gorgeous summer salad is a fantastic way to enjoy fresh cherries in a savory dish. Couple them with cheese and pecans and you have a delicious lunch or dinner!

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Cherry Cobbler 12 of 21
    Cherry Cobbler

    This amazing cherry cobbler is so simple to make and perfect for the season. In fact, it would be a great dessert...but even better for breakfast!

    Photo: Paula Jones

  • Cherry Limeade 13 of 21
    Cherry Limemade

    Limemade is improved with the addition of gorgeous sweet red cherries. Serve this up in a big pitcher to all your friends to help them cool down!

    Photo: Angie McGowan

  • Chocolate Chip Cherry Muffins 14 of 21
    Chocolate Chip Cherry Muffins

    These gorgeous chocolate chip cherry muffins are the best kind of summer breakfast or brunch food. They even make a great snack to pack for school or camp!

    Photo: Budget Gourmet Mom

  • Bing Cherry Mojito 15 of 21
    Bing Cherry Mojito

    This amazing mojito is totally to die for. It is the ultimate sweet summer refresher that will always hit the spot!

    Photo: Laura Levy

  • Cherry Balsamic Chicken 16 of 21
    Cherry Balsamic Chicken

    Have extra cherries on hand? Use them for dinner! This awesome cherry chicken recipe is perfect for a summer meal on the porch.

    Photo: Macki Cayloma

  • Sour Cherry and Lime Pie 17 of 21
    Sour Cherry Lime Pie

    This amazing pie recipe is full of cherries with a kick of tart lime. Everyone will love the sweet taste and buttery crust!

    Photo: Brooklyn Supper

  • Cherry Lime Sorbet 18 of 21
    Cherry Lime Sorbet

    This gorgeous cherry lime sorbet is so luscious and refreshing. Serve it up after dinner, or before for a little palate cleanser.

    Photo: Paula Jones

  • Simple Cherry Sauce 19 of 21
    Simple Cherry Sauce

    This amazing cherry sauce is ideal for serve over ice cream, cheesecake, or even waffles!

    Photo: iStock

  • Summer Cherry Jello Mold 20 of 21
    Summer Cherry Jello Mold

    This gorgeous jello mold is made with, you guessed it, fresh cherries! It is such an old-fashioned dessert that is the hit of any summer party.

    Photo: Julie VR

  • Brie & Cherry Tartlets 21 of 21
    Brie and Cherry Tartlets

    These gorgeous tartlets are sweet and savory at once. The cherries and brie go beautifully together and they are delicious when packaged in little bite size cups!

    Photo: Julie VR

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