20 Things To Do With a Packet of Ranch Dressing Mix


There are a few pantry essentials that tend to add a little bit of magic to any meal. In our house, a packet of dry Ranch Dressing Mix can be tossed into just about everything, and my kids will come running with joy. Meatloaf for dinner? Meh. Ranch Meatloaf for dinner? Yeehaw! Talking them into trying new recipes is always easy when I use that favorite Ranch Dressing flavor. The only problem? Trying to think outside the box…er….the packet, and coming up with recipes that utilize that classic Ranch Dressing mix in the tastiest way. With these 20 recipes, it’s easy to turn that pantry packet of Ranch Dressing Mix into a flavorful addition to incredible dinners, side dishes, and appetizers.

If you’re looking for a way to oomph up mealtime the easy way, you’re sure to find a totally delicious recipe in this list of classics, all of which use dry Ranch Dressing Mix to lend flavor, make prep easier than ever, and turn these recipes from normal to wowza!

  • Buffalo Chicken Ranch Popcorn 1 of 20
    Buffalo Chicken Ranch Popcorn
    Who needs plain old popcorn? Not you! With this simple recipe for Buffalo Chicken Ranch Popcorn, you can take that drab stuff right to fab!
    Get the recipe for Buffalo Chicken Ranch Popcorn
  • Parmesan Ranch Oven Fries 2 of 20
    Parmesan Ranch Oven Fries
    There's something splendid that happens when parmesan comes together with Ranch dressing mix on top of these tasty oven fries.
    Get the recipe for Parmesan-Ranch Oven Fries
  • Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops 3 of 20
    Crockpot Ranch Pork Chops
    It's time to cook up a whole crockpot of Ranch Pork Chops. This family-friendly recipes is as delicious as Sunday Dinner gets!
    Get the recipe from Feastie
  • Ranch Chicken Strips 4 of 20
    Ranch Chicken Strips
    Pull together this recipe for Ranch Chicken Strips and wow your kids!
    Get the recipe from Blog Chef
  • Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pull-Apart Bread 5 of 20
    Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pull-Apart Bread
    There are a few flavors that go together. And three of those are cheddar, bacon, and ranch. Toss them into this recipe for pull-apart bread and you're minutes away from a splendidly delicious side dish.
    Get the recipe from CopyKat
  • Ranch Pasta Salad 6 of 20
    Ranch Pasta Salad
    There's pasta salad, and then there's pasta salad seasoned with a packet of dry Ranch dressing. It doesn't get much better than this.
    Get the recipe from Blog Chef
  • Crudite Pizza 7 of 20
    Crudite Pizza
    Crudite Pizza take fresh veggies, tossed them over cream cheese seasoned with dry Ranch mix, and serves them atop crescent dough. This may become your favorite way to eat veggies!
    Get the recipe from Soup Addict
  • Taco Soup 8 of 20
    Taco Soup
    Taco Soup with the addition of dry Ranch dresssing becomes even tastier than ever with this simple recipe.
    Get the recipe from Jennifer Cooks
  • Ranch Crusted Chicken Avocado Melts 9 of 20
    Ranch Crusted Chicken Avocado Melts
    Chicken seasoned with dry Ranch dressing, then served along with melted cheese and avocado is as tasty any recipe you'll make this year. A must try!
    Get the recipe from Busy Bites
  • Ranch Burgers with Fried Pickles 10 of 20
    Ranch Burgers with Fried Pickles
    Ever tried seasoning your hamburger mix with dry Ranch dressing? Well, with this recipe, you will! And you're sure to fall in love with the incredible flavor.
    Get the recipe from Feastie
  • BLT Pasta Salad 11 of 20
    BLT Pasta Salad
    BLT Pasta with the added seasoning from a packet of Ranch is an easy, eyecatching recipes you'll surely love!
    Get the recipe from Joelens
  • Jalapeno Ranch Dip 12 of 20
    Jalapeno Ranch Dip
    Jalapeno lends addictable flavor to this Ranch Dip, made with a packet of dry Ranch dressing mix.
    Get the recipe from Where Women Cook
  • Ranch Mac & Cheese 13 of 20
    Ranch Mac & Cheese
    Everyone loves Mac and Cheese! And now you can love it even more, because this recipe is flavored with the goodness of a packet of Ranch!
    Get the recipe from Joelens
  • Ranch Stuffed Mushrooms 14 of 20
    Ranch Stuffed Mushrooms
    If you like stuffed mushrooms, you'll be amazed by this simple recipes. Flavored with the addition of dry Ranch mix, these Stuffed Mushrooms are savory-delicious in every way.
    Get the recipe from Babble
  • Seasoned Oyster Crackers 15 of 20
    Seasoned Oyster Crackers
    Grab a snack! Try making these Seasoned Oyster Crackers and including them in your kids lunches for a tasty treat!
    Get the recipe from The Supermom Chef
  • Traveling Pot Roast 16 of 20
    Traveling Pot Roast
    If you've never made pot roast seasoned with Dry Ranch Mix, it's high time you did! Amazzzzing!
    Get the recipe from Keystone RV
  • Cheddar Ranch Chicken 17 of 20
    Cheddar Ranch Chicken
    Everything about this recipe for Ranch Cheddar Chicken is delicious perfection!
    Get the recipe from Buns in My Oven
  • Bacon Ranch Cheeseball 18 of 20
    Bacon Ranch Cheeseball
    Hello, Cheese Ball! Try this recipe for a Bacon Ranch Cheeseball that is surprisingly easy to toss together, and totally perfect on crackers!
    Get the recipe from The Recipe Critic
  • Texas Ranch Potato Salad 19 of 20
    Texas Ranch Potato Salad
    Serve up this Texas Ranch Potato Salad at your next potluck or party and wow everyone you know!
    Get the recipe from Dr. Pins
  • Ranch Seasoned Meatloaf 20 of 20
    Ranch Seasoned Meatloaf
    A pack of dry Ranch dressing mix makes this recipe for Meatloaf a simple, delicious snap to pull together on any weeknight!
    Get the recipe from

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