Eat Like Youre at the Emmys!

  • Eat Like Youre at the Emmys! 1 of 14
  • Project Runway | Red velvet-flavored treats 2 of 14
    Everyone who competes on Project Runway has the same dream — to see his or her designs on the red carpet. While not everyone can make it to the red carpet, everyone will love these red velvet-flavored recipes — perfect for fashionistas with a sweet tooth.
    Make 7 red velvet-flavored treats
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm | Pumpkin spice latte 3 of 14
    When Curb Your Enthusiasm character Larry David visits a Starbucks with his wife, he drinks a latte and can't get over the simplicity of it. "Milk and coffee, who would have thought?!" Now you can enjoy a Starbucks-inspired pumpkin spice latte at home — just in time for fall.
    Make a pumpkin spice latte
  • 30 Rock | Cheesy blasters 4 of 14
    Who can forget the opening scene of 30 Rock's fourth season when Jack took the TGS cast to a restaurant that served cheesy blasters — "the number one selling food in the rest of America"? Now you can make them yourself with this recipe in a slightly healthier version.
    Make cheesy blasters
  • Dancing with the Stars | 5-minute salsa 5 of 14
    Are we the only ones who we're dancing over to the kitchen for some tortilla chips after watching William Levy and Cheryl Burke salsa dance during Dancing with the Stars' Season 14 finale? Either way, making this recipe is sure to be easier than learning their routine.
    Make 5-minute salsa
  • Top Chef | Sweet onion soup 6 of 14
    This hit show is now nominated for its 9th season, but we can't forget about Top Chef season 4 winner Stephanie Izard, who shared her recipe for sweet onion soup — perfect for chilly fall days — with Babble.
    Make sweet onion soup
  • The Amazing Race | Homemade Japanese sushi 7 of 14
    The Amazing Race received an Emmy nomination for its 20th season, which concluded in Japan. Although that might be a long way to trek for food, you can get a taste by making traditional Japanese sushi at home. This recipe is that simple.
    Make homemade Japanese sushi
  • The Big Bang Theory | Homemade Chinese take-out 8 of 14
    It seems like every time we flip on the Emmy-nominated comedy The Big Bang Theory, the guys and Penny are sitting on the couch eating Chinese takeout. With these 10 recipes, you can re-create your favorite take-out at home — and you won't even have to tip the delivery guy!
    Make Chinese take-out at home
  • Game of Thrones | Medieval chicken drumsticks 9 of 14
    Just because you're not a medieval king battling for control of the Iron Thrones doesn't mean you can't eat like one with these deliciously old-school chicken drumsticks — and you don't even have to go to your local Renaissance fair.
    Make medieval chicken drumsticks
  • Downton Abbey | Berry meringue pudding 10 of 14
    Who can forget when Mrs. Patmore — with her failing eyes — topped off Sir Anthony Strallan's favorite dessert, raspberry meringue pudding, with a heaping tablespoon of salt? Channel this classic Downtown Abbey moment in your own kitchen by making this sweet recipe — sans the, er, toppings, of course!
    Make berry meringue pudding
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon | Chocolate coconut dip 11 of 14
    Whether you're rooting for Jimmy Kimmel Live or Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to win the Emmy this year, no late-night television watching is complete without a midnight snack. This chocolate coconut dip will hit the spot whether you're spreading it on crackers, fruit, or eating it by the spoonful!
    Make late-night chocolate coconut dip
  • Boardwalk Empire | Pimms cup 12 of 14
    If you watch enough Boardwalk Empire, you'll inevitably hear someone order a Pimm's cup, the classic gin-based cocktail. What better way to enjoy the 64th Annual Emmy Awards than by sipping on you very own Boardwalk-inspired tipple? Make Pimm's cups
  • Mad Men | Orange gin fizz 13 of 14
    If you're a Mad Men fan, no Emmy party is complete without a classic, stiff cocktail. Orange juice gives this gin fizz — a 1960's classic — a modern twist you're sure
    to love!
    Make orange gin fizz
  • The Voice | Hot toddies 14 of 14
    Whether you're a contestant on the Emmy-nominated show, The Voice, and are looking to soothe a sore throat, or you're simply trying to warm up and wind down on a chilly fall night, one of these boozy hot toddy recipes is just the ticket!
    Make 7 boozy hot toddies

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