Spring Green-ing: 28 Vegan Recipes!

I love this time of year because green is in! No matter what your diet may look like right now, you can take advantage of spring and do some spring cleaning for your body. It is simple. By adding plenty of green-infused healthy recipes to your diet you’ll be Spring Green-ing in no time. The result? Since green foods like leafy greens, veggies and herbs are filled with healthy nutrients – you’ll feel more energized and satisfied than you did without them! All those good-for-you greens will help you get ready for spring from the inside out. So before you spring clean your house, spring green your diet!

  • Spring Recipes 1 of 29
    Get ready for a spring-y mix of green recipes! Plant-based dishes for the whole family.
  • Cheezy Baked Kale 2 of 29
    This cheezy kale, baked to perfection has the flavor of kale chips! This super easy green recipe is one to try this spring.
    Make Cheezy Baked Kale
  • Matcha Green Tea 3 of 29
    Matcha green tea is loaded with free radical fighting antioxidants and it is a nice switch from your usual mug of coffee. Get 7 facts on matcha and give it a try this season.
    Get the scoop on matcha green tea
  • Fresh Walnut Pesto Sauce 4 of 29
    Fresh pesto sauce is so easy to make and makes any meal better! This walnut pesto is rich, creamy, vegan and bright spring green!
    Make Fresh Pesto Sauce
  • Avocado Toast with Pesto 5 of 29
    This spin on avocado toast adds some creamy pesto on top! This super green recipe is even low sodium, yet super flavorful thanks to lemons and spices. photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Pesto Avocado Toast, recipe on Healthy Happy Life
  • Lucky Leprechaun Dip 6 of 29
    This super creamy dip is made using cashews and white beans. Some tahini and kale too! Add some veggie sticks and your perfect spring snacking platter is served. photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Leprechaun Dip, recipe on Healthy Happy Life
  • Gren Bagel-wich 7 of 29
    This green filled bagel-wich is built on a toasted pumpernickel bagel with cilantro hummus, creamy avocado and plenty of lefy greens on top. Red onion too.
    Make a green bagel-wich
  • Shamrock Pasta 8 of 29
    Spring shamrock pasta is tossed with a vibrant vegan pesto sauce. Creamy layers of melted Daiya vegan cheese on top!
    Make Shamrock Pasta
  • Mint Cookie Pie 9 of 29
    Mint is bright green so this Mint Cookie Vegan Cheesecake certainly qualifies and something green to crave and try this spring. Rich, creamy and filled with mint chocolate flavor. photo: Kathy Patalsky
    Make Mint Cookie Pie, recipe on Healthy Happy Life
  • Shamrock Shake 10 of 29
    And every green meal should end with a treat! Try this vegan shamrock shake made from creamy coconut milk ice cream and cool mint extract.
    Make a vegan shamrock shake
  • 12 Spins on Avocado Toast 11 of 29
    Avocado toast is one of the easiest green snacks to whip up when you crave something healthy and delicious. Check out the variety of ways you can prepare this beloved healthy snack!
    Get 12 avocado toast recipes
  • Arugula Salad 12 of 29
    Spicy leaves of arugula are topped with sweet mango and creamy avocado. Crunchy macadamia nuts complete this dish. Rich in healthy fats, fiber and antioxidants.
    Get the recipe for this Mango Avocado Arugula Salad on Healthy Happy Life
  • Kiwi Basil Smoothie 13 of 29
    Perky sweet kiwi blends with aromatic basil for a wonderful spring green smoothie rich in vitamin c, fiber and potassium.
    Get the recipe for a kiwi basil smoothie on Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Pesto Salad 14 of 29
    Fresh green pesto is perfect for perking up a wide variety of meals. From salads to sandwiches, get a few delicious uses for pesto this spring!
    Get 5 recipes to make using pesto
  • BBQ Salad 15 of 29
    Baby greens, citrus and zesty red onion are topped with a creamy tahini dressing and flavorful slices of BBQ sauce infused tempeh. This green entree salad is filled with antioxidants and vegan protein from the tempeh.
    Make a tempeh BBQ salad
  • Kale Salad 16 of 29
    If you are looking to try a kale salad - give this fully loaded kale salad a try! A creamy tahini dressing coats vibrant dark leaves of kale, citrus, avocado, onion and hemp seeds. This is a true superfood infused salad for spring!
    Get this Kale Salad recipe over on Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Leek Pesto Pasta 17 of 29
    Looking for a new recipe that uses spring leeks? Try this vibrant nutty pesto pasta recipe!
    Make Leek Pesto Pasta
  • Peanut Kale Salad 18 of 29
    This savory, slightly sweet peanut kale salad is quite addictive. Slightly wilted, served warm or chilled, this green bowl is a winner.
    Make kale peanut salad
  • Green Smoothie 19 of 29
    Get your leafy greens (and all the good stuff that is in them) in the form of your favorite busy day recipe: a smoothie! This green smoothie is brightly colored and filled with leafy greens, mango and more.
    Make a green smoothie
  • Pesto Pasta 20 of 29
    Kids and adults love alphabet pasta. So wrap each letter in green pesto - stuff in a few handfuls of leafy greens and perky sun-dried tomatoes and serve up this super healthy dish for a spring green family meal.
    Make pesto alphabet pasta
  • Country Salad 21 of 29
    Country-fried vegan "chicken" made from seitan is the perfect topper for this country salad. Creamy white gravy dressing on top.
    Make a country salad
  • Green Juice 22 of 29
    Everyone can learn to love green juice. It can be as sweet or as grassy in flavor as you'd like! Here are 5 ways to learn to love green juice...
    Make and love green juice
  • Cucumber Mint Sandwiches 23 of 29
    These cool meets creamy cucumber mint tea sandwiches are slathered in a spicy wasabi mayo sauce. Try these vegan tea sandwiches for your next light lunch!
    Make a cucumber mint sandwich
  • Cilantro Smothered Burritos 24 of 29
    You'd never guess by looking at this creamy green sauce - but it is vegan! Dairy free. And even raw if you don't heat it. Made from soaked cashews, this cilantro sauce is rich and satisfying for a dinner-approved green smothered burrito.
    Make creamy cilantro sauce
  • Green Goddess Wedge 25 of 29
    Green goddess dressing covered this crispy wedge salad. Tempeh bacon crumbles over top.
    Make a wedge salad
  • Green Fruit Salad 26 of 29
    This antioxidant-infused spring green fruit salad is filled with flavors of lime, mint, kiwi, pistachio and even heart-healthy avocado.
    Make a green fruit salad
  • Tahini Pepper Broccoli 27 of 29
    If you already love healthy green broccoli you will adore this tahini lemon pepper version!
    Make lemon tahini broccoli
  • Green Dream Dip 28 of 29
    I call this dreamy green dip "Shamrock Dip" for short because it is filled with healthy flavorful ingredients that will make you feel quite lucky to be eating. Avocado, spinach and more.
    Make green dream dip
  • Asparagus Dip 29 of 29
    If you love sunny asparagus, you'll love this dip! Nutty sunflower seeds, asparagus and lemon combine to make this totally spreadable, dippable, eat-by-the-spoonful dip or tapenade.
    Make sunny asparagus dip

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