21 Ways to Stuff Your Pasta Shells

Spring weather in the West has been iffy at best. One day, it’s a sunny sky, the next day, we’re sitting under four feet of snow with nothing by grey, heavy clouds in the air. Asparagus sounds find for the springtime, but on these final chilly afternoons, I want nothing more than to curl up around a comfort food dinner. Something rich and warm and positively delicious. Enter these 21 incredible recipes for Stuffed Pasta Shells! Each version guaranteed to take your day from blah to hurrah! Click through, find a few that suit your fancy, then start stuffing!

  • 21 Ways to Stuff Pasta Shells 1 of 22

    Cook up a dish full of delicious stuffed pasta shells with these 21 incredible recipes!

  • Beef and Cheese Stuffed Shells 2 of 22

    These Beef and Cheese Stuffed Shells will have the whole family asking for seconds!
    Get the recipe for Beef and Cheese Stuffed Shells

  • Homemade Ricotta Stuffed Shells 3 of 22

    Homemade ricotta cheese makes these stuffed shells a real standout!
    Get the recipe for Homemade Ricotta Stuffed Shells

  • Vegan Tofu Stuffed Shells 4 of 22

    You'll never know that tofu is a star ingredient in these Tofu "Ricotta" Stuffed Shells with Spinach and Eggplant!
    Get the recipe from Vegan Yumminess

  • Mushroom Stuffed Shells 5 of 22

    These gourmet Sausage and Mushroom Stuffed Shells with Pumpkin Sage Bechamel will wow your guests!
    Get the recipe from A Beautiful Bite

  • Enchilada Stuffed Shells 6 of 22

    Go Mexican with these scrumptious Enchilada Stuffed Shells!
    Get the recipe from Blog Chef

  • Roasted Tomato and Ricotta Stuffed Shells 7 of 22

    These Ricotta Stuffed Shells with Roasted Tomato Sauce are perfect for freezing and reheating on a busy night!
    Get the recipe from Naturally Ella

  • Crab Stuffed Shells 8 of 22

    Crab-stuffed Shells make the perfect dinner for a special occasion!
    Get the recipe from An Edible Mosaic

  • Salad Stuffed Shells 9 of 22

    Salad Stuffed Shells are a great way to get in your veggies!
    Get the recipe from The Veggie Gal

  • Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells 10 of 22

    Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells with Lemon Sage Brown Butter makes a perfect dinner for a cold winter's night!
    Get the recipe from Proud Italian Cook

  • Vegan Taco Pasta Shells 11 of 22

    Healthy indulgence never tasted so good with these Vegan Taco Pasta Shells!
    Get the recipe from Cheeky Kitchen

  • Pesto Stuffed Pasta Shells 12 of 22

    Pesto adds extra flavor to these shells!
    Get the recipe Budget Bytes

  • Healthier Stuffed Shells 13 of 22

    The cottage cheese in this stuffed shell recipe reduces the fat and calories, so you can enjoy dinner without the guilt!
    Get the recipe from Healthy Food For Living

  • Roasted Veggie Pesto Shells 14 of 22

    Roasted eggplant and cherry tomatoes add a delightful flavor to these Roasted Vegetable Pesto Shells with toasted Pine Nuts!
    Get the recipe from Marshalls Abroad

  • Pumpkin Stuffed Shells 15 of 22

    Pumpkin Stuffed Shells make a perfect fall dinner!
    Get the recipe from Cook Au Vin

  • Turkey and Artichoke Stuffed Shells 16 of 22

    Artichokes add a unique and lovely flavor to these Turkey and Artichoke Stuffed Shells with Arrabiata Sauce!
    Get the recipe from Tracey's Culinary Adventures

  • Eggplant Stuffed Shells 17 of 22

    Make these Eggplant Stuffed Shells with Tomato-Basil Cream Sauce after your next trip to the farmer's market !
    Get the recipe from Straight From the Farm

  • Italian Sausage Stuffed Shells 18 of 22

    The tomato-vodka sauce on these Italian Sausage Stuffed Shells elevates it from good to great!
    Get the recipe from A Pookie Pantry

  • Spanakopita Stuffed Shells 19 of 22

    Give your dinner some Greek flare with Spanakopita Stuffed Shells!
    Get the recipe Food Doodles

  • Chorizo Stuffed Shells 20 of 22

    Chorizo adds some heft and a smoky note to these Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells!
    Get the recipe from Aida Mollenkamp

  • Fennel and Radicchio Stuffed Shells 21 of 22

    Fennel and Radicchio add depth of flavor to these Ricotta and Fontina Stuffed Shells!
    Get the recipe from Lisa is Cooking

  • Bison Stuffed Shells 22 of 22

    Ground bison adds lean protein to these Buffalo and Cheese Stuffed Shells!
    Get the recipe My Catholic Kitchen

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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