23 Creative Recipes to Whip up with Box Cake

I never thought of cake mix as “versatile” – till now. Take a look at these inventive recipes using cake mix (some aren’t even cake!)!


  • 23 Creative Ways To Use Cake Mix! 1 of 24
    23 creative ways to use cake mix!

    From cinnamon rolls to popcorn (POPCORN!!), you will love these "out of the box" ideas for using cake mix!

  • Doughnuts! 2 of 24
    babble cake mix doughnuts

    These easy-to-make doughnuts are baked, not fried - so you can serve up a special treat for breakfast any time!
    Make them at Callie Cooks

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Ganache Bars 3 of 24
    babble chocolate peanut butter ganache bars

    Peanut butter and chocolate? A natural combination. These bars look fancy but are quite simple.
    Make them at Babble

  • Pumpkin Chip Cookies 4 of 24
    babble pumpkin chip cookies

    Canned pumpkin and a bag of chocolate chips turn a box of spice cake mix into these irresistable cookies!
    Get the recipe at at Babble

  • Pineapple Upside Down Cakes 5 of 24
    babble upside down pudding cakes

    Muffin tins create these adorable individual cakes, and a pineapple ring fits perfectly inside!

    Get the recipe at at Babble

  • "Hot Fudge Sundae" Cones 6 of 24
    babble hot fudge sundae cones

    These clever cones have chocolate cake baked right inside, topped off with a scoop of ice cream, some hot fudge and - of course - sprinkles!
    Get the recipe at at Babble

  • Strawberry Shortcake 7 of 24
    babble strawberry shortcake in a jar

    I'll admit it - I love the whole "dessert in a jar" trend - this one looks perfect for a picnic!
    Get the recipe at at Babble

  • Make a Vegan Cake! 8 of 24
    babble veganize cake mix

    Baking can be a challenge if you're adhering to a vegan diet. First, look for  mixes that are free of dairy, eggs and gelatin. Then substitute the "add-in's" (like butter and milk) with their vegan counterparts. 
    Find out how - along with the recipe for this lovely blueberry cake - at Babble

  • Make a Milkshake! 9 of 24
    cooking classy cake batter milkshake

    A milkshake made from cake mix? You betcha - ice cream, milk and cake mix whip up in the blender to make this decadent drink (sprinkles are NOT optional).
    Image and recipe courtesy of Cooking Classy

  • Make Waffles! 10 of 24
    kirbie cravings cake mix waffles

    No time to make waffles from scratch? No worries - this version made from cake mix cooks up quick and easy, right in your waffle iron!
    Image and recipe courtesy of Kirbie's Cravings

  • Cinnamon Rolls 11 of 24
    love from the oven cake mix cinnamon rolls

    If you've ever been intimidatd by homemade cinnamon rolls you will love this easy to work with, no-fuss recipe.
    Make it at Love From the Oven

  • Confetti Popcorn 12 of 24
    lemon drop confetti popcorn

    Cake mix and popcorn? Yes please.
    Make Confetti Birthday Cake Popcorn at Lemon Drop

  • "Cup" Cakes 13 of 24
    spoonful cup cakes

    These "cakes in a cup" would make an adorable teacher or babysitter gift - and are easy enough for even the youngest child to help assemble!
    Get the recipe at Spoonful

  • Streusel-Topped Muffins 14 of 24
    spoonful muffins

    These moist, streusel-topped muffins are a cinch, using spice cake mix and canned pumpkin.
    Image and recipe courtesy of Skip To My Lou

  • Caramel "Apples" 15 of 24
    spoonful caramel apple

    These faux caramel apple cake pops look like the real thing but are much easier to make!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Spoonful

  • Made "From Scratch"? 16 of 24
    tastes like scratch cake Donuts Dresses and Dirt

    This moist, flavorful cake looks - and tastes - like it was made from scratch. It's up to you whether or not to tell your guests. We're not judging.

    Image and recipe from Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

  • "Oreos" 17 of 24
    spoonful oreos from cake mix

    Cake mix is the secret ingredient in both the cookie and the filling in this re-make of the classic sandwich cookie.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Chef in Training

  • "Hot Chocolate" Cakes 18 of 24
    spoonful mug cakes

    This fun dessert looks - and tastes - like a mug of hot chocolate.

    Get the recipe at Spoonful

  • Dinner Rolls 19 of 24
    mommys kitchen cake mix dinner rolls

    Using cake mix in this yeast-based dinner roll recipe is a real time-saver!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Mommy's Kitchen

  • Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls 20 of 24
    love from the oven chocolate cinnamon rolls

    What's better than cinnamon rolls? Chocolate cinnamon rolls - that's what. 

    Love From the Oven has the recipe

  • Sugar Cookies 21 of 24
    skip to my lou cake mix sugar cookies

    Cake mix sugar cookies are moist and delicious and such a time-saver!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Skip To My Lou

  • "Creamsicle" Cupcakes 22 of 24
    spoonful orange crush

    Orange soda is the secret ingredient in these cupcakes, lending an unexpected sweet kick!

    Image and recipe courtesy of I Heart Naptime

  • Lemon Supreme Cookies 23 of 24
    the brown bag special lemon supreme cookies

    These cookies look so elegant, you'd never guess they were made from cake mix (fresh lemon juice in the glaze doesn't hurt...).

    Image and recipe courtesy of The Brown Bag Special

  • Cinnamon Roll Waffles 24 of 24
    love from the oven cake mix waffles

    Is it breakfast? Is it dessert? Cinnamon rolls take a turn in the waffle iron, with a generous drizzle of warm cinnamon glaze.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Love From the Oven

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