23 Wholesome Muffin Recipes: Perfect for School Lunches!

I’m always trying to nudge my children into eating just a bit more healthfully than they might naturally like to. Of course, with kids, it’s not as easy as plopping down a kale salad or flax cereal. But, when it comes to introducing healthy ingredients and giving their favorite foods a boost, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. I love making muffins, and they love eating them, so a wholesome muffin recipe is often the perfect way to get them eating a little more fiber, protein, fruit, or vegetables. I love to add a wholesome muffin to their lunch boxes —— they see it as a special treat and I know their getting their nutrients.

Many of these muffins are made with the good stuff like butter and sugar, but I’ve hand-picked a selection that also feature great, healthful ingredients like wheat germ, flax, fresh fruit, whole wheat, olive oil, and nuts. So find your favorite, bake it up, and add a little lunch time magic to your kid’s school lunch!

Here are 23 wholesome muffin recipes that are lunchbox perfect!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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