25 All-Time Worst Halloween Candies

Halloween is just around the corner, and we know what’s worrying you –candy. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the absolute worst, most reviled candy around, so you can avoid being that house (you know, the one with the bad candy). Scientists tell us that only about 1% of candy is gross, yet some people still manage to give out disgusting candy on Halloween. Do you know what happens to those people? Their houses get toilet papered. Don’t find yourself in their number this Halloween.


  • 1. Jujubes 1 of 25
    The manufacturer's site says they are known for their hard, break-glass quality texture. And that's from the people who are trying to get you to eat them. Image credit: Glane23
  • 2. Circus Peanuts 2 of 25
    First of all, why are they banana-flavored when they're orange and shaped like peanuts? Second, who wants unwrapped candy from a stranger?
  • 3. Toothbrushes 3 of 25
    We get it. You don't like candy--bet you're real fun at parties too.
  • 4. Good & Plenty 4 of 25
    Good & Plenties are colored using a dye made from crushed female cochineal insects. That's actually not the grossest thing about them (which would be the taste).
  • 5. Nik L Nips 5 of 25
    These have a certain novelty, but in the end it's gross liquid contained by gross wax. They do look pretty, though.
  • 6. Bit O Honey 6 of 25
    Nestle claims Bit-O-Honey "provides a unique honey taste with a long lasting chew," and that's true. Unfortunately, the chewing lasts long after you've decided you don't want to eat this candy anymore.
  • 7. Now and Later 7 of 25
    Perhaps named because you eat it now and it will still be in your mouth later? This is obviously super strong mouth glue disguised as candy.
  • 8. Pennies 8 of 25
    Do kids even know what these are? Image credit: Rustedstrings
  • 9. Necco Wafers 9 of 25
    If you like communion wafers but wish they were slightly sweet and much chalkier, then Necco wafers are the candy for you.
  • 10. Raisins 10 of 25
    Fact: raisins are NOT candy.
  • 11. Wax Lips 11 of 25
    These are actually pretty confusing to me. They're really made from wax but you're supposed to eat them? Is that even OK for you?
  • 12. Doublemint Gum 12 of 25
    The dinosaur of gum--hard and flavorless after about 5 chews. I am proud of our culture's advancements in gum technology--there's no reason to dwell in the past.
  • 13. Apples 13 of 25
    Look, Halloween is no time to prove a point.
  • 14. Bon-bons, Strawberry Hard Candy 14 of 25
    These inoffensive candies are Just. So. Boring.
  • 15. Chiclets 15 of 25
    The first few chews are terrific, then the gum turns into a flavorless rock.
  • 16. Candy Cigarettes 16 of 25
    Don't tell anyone, but these actually taste pretty good, though they definitely send the wrong message to the kids.
  • 17. Dots 17 of 25
    Chewy, flavorless jelly candy. I do like package design, though.
  • 18. Sour Patch Kids 18 of 25
    These taste good--until they burn your taste buds off. Image credit: Evan-Amos
  • 19. Christmas Mints 19 of 25
    Christmas was 10 months ago--nobody wants your stale mints.
  • 20. Mounds and Almond Joy 20 of 25
    Kids hate coconut--save these for yourself.
  • 21. Laffy Taffy 21 of 25
    Joke from a Laffy Taffy wrapper: "What is Labor Day? -- That's when mommies have their babies." The candy's not much better than the joke.
  • 22. Candy Corn 22 of 25
    This one's controversial. Candy corn is not terrible in itself, but after about five pieces, your teeth start to ache.
  • 23. Black Licorice 23 of 25
    Licorice is an acquired taste that most kids have yet to acquire.
  • 24. Butterscotch Candies 24 of 25
    Butterscotch candies aren't bad per se, but they're a little more suited to the senior set. Perfect for Halloween in the retirement community.
  • 25. Tootsie Rolls 25 of 25
    I think we all need to admit that these just don't taste very good. Kind of like a lightly chocolate-flavored piece of wax.

How’d we do? Did any of your favorites get panned? What’s missing from our list? Leave a comment and let us know!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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