25 Amazing, Adorable, and Kidtastic Ways to Eat an Apple

Goodbye summer, goodbye fresh and flavorful berries and stone fruit and all the delicious abundance summer has to offer. Have no fear, fall is here with fresh apples in tons of varieties (did you know there are 7500 varieties grown worldwide?!). Are apples not getting your kids excited? Well, time to get fun and creative and surprise those kiddos. Apples are really an amazing food. They’ve got soluble fiber to help with digestion, the pectin helps reduce cholesterol, they help reduce tooth decay, give your immune system a boost, and they are packed with vitamins C, A, and flavonoids, a good source of potassium with some phosphorus, iron and calcium too. It doesn’t get much better than that! Click through for ways to make eating this super fruit, super fun.

  • Amazing, Adorable, and Kidtastic Ways to Eat an Apple 1 of 26
    Kidtastic Apples
  • Squirmy Wormy Apples 2 of 26

    Kids like to laugh and be silly and this recipe combines the two. The first time I made these I had the apple top covering the peanut butter and worm to give the kids a shock. When my little boy opened it his eyes widened and jaw dropped and he giggled and was so excited.
    Make Squirmy Wormy Apples.

  • Apple Bear Muffins 3 of 26

    These are just beyond adorable and what kid wouldn't want to dive right in? I know my kids would want the job of creating the cute little bear faces and then devouring. Actually, this would make a great play date activity.
    Make Apple Bear Muffins.

  • Apple + Cheddar + Ham Rolls 4 of 26

    These little snacks are so easy to make I keep them in the fridge for those after school snack desperation moments. You know the one where the kids come home begging for grub? I'm a big fan of easy to make, delicious to eat snacks.

    Make Apple + Cheddar + Ham Rolls.

  • PB & Apple Sandwich 5 of 26

    Best after school snack ever. My kids thought it was crazy silly to 'turn the bread into apples' and those few chocolate chips make them feel like they were getting an extra special treat.
    Make PB & Apple Sandwich.

  • Mini Apple Pie Pops 6 of 26

    Oh wow, just wow. These little apple pie pops are a special treat in my house. If my kids have done their homework without complaint, helped with chores and behaved during dinner all week, I might make these for a Friday night dessert treat.
    Make Mini Apple Pie Pops.

  • Apple Pie in the Apple 7 of 26

    I love this recipe. You can make it as healthy as you want (less sugar and butter) and use whole wheat crust and there's only a small amount of crust on top. The kids gets huge kick out of an apple pie actually made IN the apple.
    Make Apple Pie in the Apple.

  • Apple & Cheddar Quesadilla 8 of 26

    This snack was so easy to make and packed with flavor. It can be served as a snack or for lunch. I usually use one tortilla, fold it in half and fill the center with apples and cheddar, cook, and slice it up to divide between the kids for an after school snack.
    Make Apple & Cheddar Quesadilla.

  • Green Apple Detox Juice 9 of 26

    I tell my son this is super hero juice and will give his muscles and brain a super boost. He downs it, ties on his cape, and runs around saving lego's from monster trucks.
    Make Green Apple Detox Juice.

  • Fruit Stack Peanut Butter Sandwich 10 of 26

    Surprise the kids with a twist on the old PB&J by replacing the J with fresh apples. Just give them a quick dunk in lemon water to prevent browning (you can't taste the lemon!). The first time I did this my daughter begged for this sandwich every day.
    Make Fruit Stack Peanut Butter Sandwich.

  • Ham and Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich 11 of 26

    Grilled sandwich version of the apple cheddar ham rolls. Same amazing taste, only more of a meal and super comforting on a crisp fall day.
    Make Ham and Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

  • Kermit Green Apple With Peanut Butter Dip 12 of 26

    I mean, seriously? Kermit? I love Kermy and this little apple creation is is totally something I could pull off.
    Make Kermit's Green Apple With Peanut Butter Dip.

  • Apple Hand Pie 13 of 26

    If the kids have a good week with chores, homework and table manners, this treat could be theirs. I'll make it extra fun and let them help. Can you imagine the peace during dinner with the smell of these cooking and knowing they are the award for a job well done?
    Make Apple Hand Pie.

  • Apple Bites 14 of 26

    Hilarious! My kid like to put these in their mouths to make it look like their teeth. Scary. These make great halloween appetizers too.
    Make Apple Bites.

  • Baked Apples 15 of 26

    It's an inside out apple crisp! Making a crisp this way makes it fun and uses less of the not so good for you stuff like butter and sugar. Let the apples shine.
    Make Baked Apples.

  • Balsamic Pork and Apple Skewers 16 of 26

    This may look like something your kid wouldn't eat, but I'm telling you, there is something about food on sticks that gets kids amped about whatever it is you are serving.
    Make Balsamic Pork and Apple Skewers.

  • 3-D Apple Puzzle 17 of 26

    Gah! This is so awesome! And educational, and delicious, and genius. There's a more advanced puzzle too for the kids that find this one too easy. I'm going to make the more challenging one for my husband as a treat in his lunch! That's love.
    Go to Cute Food for Kids to make 3-D Apple Puzzle.

    Image Credit: Cute Food for Kids

  • Apple Carving 18 of 26

    Oh stop the cuteness overload! You've gotta check out the car and the bus, and dog paw. Your kid will be the envy of the playground.
    Go to Cute Food for Kids to make Apple Carvings.

    Image Credit: Cute Food for Kids

  • Caterpillar 19 of 26

    Oh how much fun would it be to read The Hungry Caterpillar with your kiddo, then serve this adorable apple snack? Time for someone to make a Hungry Caterpillar themed party!
    Go to Cute Food for Kids to make a caterpillar.

    Image Credit: Cute Food for Kids

  • Apple Umbrella 20 of 26

    Bring some happy sunshine to those rainy fall days with this cute apple umbrella and sandwich cloud.
    Go to Cute Food for Kids to make an Apple Umbrella.

    Image Credit: Cute Food for Kids

  • Fruity Apple Turkey 21 of 26

    Gobble, Gobble! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it and this cutie is much better than those sugar filled turkey cupcakes.
    Go to Cute Food for Kids to make a Fruity Apple Turkey.

    Image Credit: Cute Food for Kids

  • Apple-o’-Lantern 22 of 26

    Look at the coffin snack box! This might be the cutest halloween snack ever.
    Go to Cute Food for Kids to make an Apple O'lantern.

    Image Credit: Cute Food for Kids

  • Apple Lollipop 23 of 26

    Apple lollipops with hearts in your kids lunch sends even the non-readers a message of love from mom.
    Go to Cute Food for Kids to make an Apple Lollipop.

    Image Credit: Cute Food for Kids

  • Apple and Cheddar Waffle Sammich 24 of 26

    Switch up your bread with waffles! The kids will think you are so silly and get excited to try something new.

    Go to Cooking With My Kid to make an Apple and Cheddar Waffle Sammich.

    Image Credit: Cooking With My Kid

  • Crock Pot Applesauce 25 of 26

    No need to buy jar after jar of applesauce, just let your crockpot do all the work.

    Go to Cooking With My Kid to make Crock Pot Applesauce.

    Image Credit: Cooking With My Kid

  • Apple Chips & Dip 26 of 26

    Try this healthy alternative to potato chips or tortilla chips and fatty dips. Make the apples into a heart for extra special appeal.

    Go to Cooking With My Kid to make Apple Chips & Dip.

    Image Credit: Cooking With My Kid

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