11 Decadent Ways to Enjoy Hot Chocolate

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We’re always in the mood for hot chocolate — no matter the season or time of day! From simple and homemade varieties to over-the-top shakes, we’ve rounded up 11 of our very favorite ways to enjoy everyone’s favorite drink!

1. Hot Chocolate Shots

Image Source: Brooke McLay

Try a shot of decadence with these gorgeous, tasty little treats. (via Babble)

2. Chai-Spiced Hot Chocolate

Image Source: Brooklyn Supper
Image Source: elizabeth stark

Fresh-ground chai spices add loads of flavor to traditional hot chocolate. (via Babble)

3. Mexican Hot Chocolate with Dulce de Leche Spiced Cream

Image Source: Brooke McLay
Image Source: Brooke McLay

Indulgent Mexican hot chocolate gets an upgrade with spiced dulce de leche cream. (via Babble)

4. Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix in a Jar

image source: ole & shaina olmanson

Give homemade hot chocolate as a gift! These lovely little jars of hot chocolate mix are perfect for housewarming parties. (via Babble)

5. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

Image Source: Julie Van Rosendal
Image Source: Julie Van Rosendal

Peanut butter adds nutty deliciousness (and a little extra protein) to everyday hot chocolate. (via Babble)

6. Frozen Nutella Hot Chocolate

Image source: Kelsey Banfield

Rich hazelnut-based Nutella makes this treat extra decadent. (via Babble)

7. Mint White Hot Chocolate

image source: Julie Van Rosendaal

White chocolate and mint make this a great option for St. Patrick’s Day. (via Babble)

8. Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate

Image Source: Kelsey Banfield

Go dairy-free with this tasty coconut milk hot chocolate recipe. (via Babble)

9. Crock-Pot Hot Chocolate Cocktails

Image source: Kelsey Banfield

Make something for the big kids with this simple recipe for slow cooker hot chocolate cocktails. (via Babble)

10. Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

Image source: Julie Van Rosendaal

You’ll never believe how easy this recipe is for hot chocolate mix! (via Babble)

11. Dark Chocolate Maple Cocoa

Image source: Kathy Patalsky

This cocoa has it all: maple syrup, dark chocolate, and a hint of spice. Does it get any better? (via Babble)

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