26 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes to Make (and Eat) with Kids!

The weekend before Christmas is a busy one for sure, but I’m planning to take some time out to bake up a few cookies with my girls. Not every cookie recipe is super kid-friendly, so I’ve put together a Christmas cookie recipe wish list, featuring lots and lots of kid-ready (also, really delicious) Christmas cookies that are just right for a baking project with the little ones.

If you’re game for a little holiday baking fun, head below for 26 easy Christmas cookie recipes that are just right for even the littlest bakers!

  • 26 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes to Make (and Eat) with Kids! 1 of 27

    Get your kids in on the holiday baking action with one of these 26 easy Christmas cookie recipes!

  • Spritz Wreaths 2 of 27

    Cookie press cookies are an ideal holiday treat for kids, since even tiny hands can press out picture-perfect cookies. If you are planning to give some away, be sure to set aside a few for a little kid-style decorating.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Jaime Richardson 

  • S’Mores Nutella Crunch Bars 3 of 27

    These effortless, no-bake crunch bars are so simple to make that even the littlest kids can get in on the holiday baking fun!
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Kelsey Banfield 

  • Kid-Made Reindeer Cookies 4 of 27

    These gingery homemade cookies are a cinch to decorate, and kids will have a great time making one cute, pretzel antlered reindeer after another!
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Brooklyn Supper 

  • Classic Gingerbread Men 5 of 27

    No holiday baking bonanza would be complete without an army of gingerbread men. Since heads and limbs can prove delicate, it's a good idea for a parent to roll them out. Once they're safely on the cookie sheet, kids can decorate them. Keep it classic with icing or raisins, or try something edgy —— Lady Gaga cookies anyone?
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Julie Van Rosendaal

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Puff Balls 6 of 27

    These vegan puff balls are a great change of pace from the usual christmas cookies, and kids are guaranteed to have a sticky, gooey blast making 'em!
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Kathy Patalsky 

  • Black and White Cookies 7 of 27

    The classic flavors of black and white cookies don't often make it into the holiday repertoire, but besides being delicious, black and white cookies offer the chance for lots of messy dipping fun.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Sheri Silver 

  • Maple Walnut Icebox Cookies 8 of 27

    Icebox cookies are a great thing to make with kids since they can be sliced and baked so simply. And these maple walnut crunch cookies add some fun to the mix since they need to be coated and rolled.
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Julie Van Rosendaal 

  • Red-Nosed Reindeer Cookies 9 of 27

    These simple cookies are totally adorable and perfect for cookie crafting with kids!
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Nicole Presley 

  • Candy Cane Meringues 10 of 27

    These pretty striped meringue cookies are the perfect challenge for tween bakers!
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Brooke McLay 

  • Double Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies 11 of 27
    26 Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes to Make (and Eat) with Kids!

    These uber-chocolaty double chocolate chip oatmeal cookies are simple enough that even the toddler set can lend a hand!
    Kitchen Treaty has the recipe
    Image: Kitchen Treaty 

  • Traditional Rolled Sugar Cookies 12 of 27

    No matter how they're decorated, classic rolled sugar cookies are perfect for all kinds of holiday gatherings. And these buttery cookies are just divine with a smear of cookie icing and a big pile of sprinkles! (I think Santa will appreciate them too!)
    Babble Food has the recipe
    Image: Julie Van Rosendaal 

  • Reindeer Sugar Cookies 13 of 27

    These easy, citrus-infused reindeer sugar cookies make for an excellent weekend project to do with the kids!
    Persnickety Plates has the recipe
    Image: Persnickety Plates 

  • Candy Cane Cookies 14 of 27

    These gorgeous striped candy cane cookies are a great edible craft that will get the whole family involved.
    The Kitchen is My Playground has the recipe
    Image: The Kitchen is My Playground 

  • Chewy Chocolate Peppermint Cookies 15 of 27

    These chewy peppermint chocolate cookies are just the things for a young baker looking to hone their skills. This forgiving recipe yields a wonderfully soft and chocolaty Christmas treat.
    Mom on Time Out has the recipe
    Image: Mom on Time Out 

  • Frosted Sugar Cookies 16 of 27

    These gorgeous frosted sugar cookies are a great way to kids involved with holiday baking! From mixing and coloring the frosting to decorating each and every cookie, these cookie are sure to inspire holiday fun!
    Kailley's Kitchen has the recipe
    Image: Kailley's Kitchen 

  • 7 Layer Cookies 17 of 27

    With layers of graham cracker, chocolate chips. butterscotch chips, pecans, and coconut, these cookies bring something unexpectedly delicious to the holiday cookie spread. This is a great project for teen bakers to tackle.
    The Kitchen is My Playground has the recipe
    Image: The Kitchen is My Playground 

  • White Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Pizza 18 of 27

    This easy peppermint "pizza" cookie is just right for cooking, and eating, with young ones.
    Lemons for Lulu has the recipe
    Image: Lemons for Lulu 

  • Turtle Thumbprint Cookies 19 of 27

    Is there a budding Jackson Pollock in your family? They'll love drizzling a bit of melty delicious chocolate over these delectable turtle cookies!
    Mom on Time Out has the recipe
    Image: Mom on Time Out 

  • Snickercrinkle Cookies 20 of 27

    If you're a fan of snickerdoodles and crinkle cookies, than these are the cookies for you. Get small ones involved by having them roll the dough in sugar.
    An Edible Mosaic has the recipe
    Image: An Edible Mosaic 

  • Chocolate and Peanut Butter Sugar Cookie Bars 21 of 27

    These scrumptious bars are just the thing for little fingers to help you with! Kids will have a blast dotting the bars with chocolate chips and sprinkles!
    Cupcakes and Kale Chips has the recipe
    Image: Cupcakes and Kale Chips 

  • Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies 22 of 27

    Have breakfast for dessert with these cinnamon roll sugar cookies! Older kids will have a blast piping on the sugar glaze.
    How to This and That has the recipe
    Image: How to This and That 

  • Coconut Macaroons 23 of 27

    Not every kid is a big fan of coconut, but since that means more for me, I'm cool with it. Now matter how they feel about the finished product, kids will love rolling the balls of dough through a bed of coconut flakes!
    Kailley's Kitchen has the recipe
    Image: Kailley's Kitchen 

  • Frosted Cookie Pops 24 of 27

    Kids will love decorating and eating these fun Christmas cookie treats.
    Diethood has the recipe
    Image: Diethood 

  • Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies 25 of 27

    This easy, totally delicious cookie, get finished off with an upside-down peanut butter cup —— a perfect activity for tiny kitchen helpers.
    Cupcakes and Kale Chips has the recipe
    Image: Cupcakes and Kale Chips 

  • Cookies and Cream Cookie Bites 26 of 27

    Get kids in on the prep and have them unwrap, and no doubt eat, the candy kiss filling for these tasty cookies.
    Simply Southern Baking has the recipe
    Image: Simply Southern Baking 

  • Sugar Cookie Bars 27 of 27

    Keep things simple in the sugar cookie department and make up some tasty bars! Not only can kids help make them, their decorating expertise can really shine!
    Cupcakes and Kale Chips has the recipe
    Image: Cupcakes and Kale Chips 

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