28 Ways To Use Tahini (That Are NOT Hummus)!

We love hummus in our family. Seriously. It’s possibly the only food that everyone here eats.

So, I make a lot of hummus. Which means that I always have a can (or two) of tahini in my pantry.

What’s tahini? It’s a paste – similar to peanut butter – made from ground sesame seeds. And, along with chickpeas, it is an essential component in hummus.

What I didn’t know was how very versatile tahini is – and that it can be used in so many types of dishes. So I started doing a little research – and I’ve rounded up 28 (yes, 28!) fabulous and creative recipes that highlight tahini!

One quick note – much like “natural” peanut butter, tahini separates upon settling. So don’t be alarmed when you open it up for the first time – just give it a good stir to emulsify. And keep it in the fridge after opening.

Ready? Now go grab a can (or two) and get cooking – and baking!

  • 28 Tahini Recipes 1 of 29
    28 tahini recipes

    From salads to sides, snacks to sweets, tahini is so much more than "that ingredient" used to make hummus!

  • Orange Tahini Dressing 2 of 29
    edible perspective orange tahini dressing

    Let's start with dressings - one of the easiest and most versatile ways to use tahini in cooking. This slightly sweet dressing incorporates fresh orange juice and zest with a bit of maple syrup.
    Image and recipe courtesy of Edible Perspective

  • Low Fat Tahini Dressing 3 of 29
    fat free vegan kitchen tahini-chickpea-dressing

    Chickpeas are the unexpected "secret ingredient" in this tasty low-fat dressing.
    Get the recipe at Fat Free Vegan

  • Lemon Tahini Dressing 4 of 29
    snowed in lemon tahini dressing

    Only four ingredients will get you to this lush, lemony dressing.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Snowed In

  • Tahini Honey Dressing 5 of 29
    sprouted kitchen honey tahini dressing

    Honey and lemon are a delicious combination, paired up with fresh herbs.

    Make Tahini Honey Dressing at Sprouted Kitchen

  • Cucumber Salad 6 of 29
    simply recipes cucumber salad with tahini dressing

    I can't wait to make this crunchy salad, filled with lots of fresh herbs.

    Cucumber Salad courtesy of Simply Recipes

  • Avocado Chickpea Salad 7 of 29
    spoonful tahini avocado chick pea salad

    Use up whatever leftover veggies you have on-hand to create this yummy salad, tossed with a tahini-avocado dressing.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Oh She Glows

  • Tahini Slaw 8 of 29
    smith bites tahini slaw

    Tired old "slaw" gets an upgrade with tahini, crunchy peanuts and a kick from fresh ginger.

    Make Tahini Slaw at Smith Bites

  • Lentil, Date and Tomato Salad 9 of 29
    veggie num num lentil salad with tahini chili oil dressing

    I love this twist on Greek salad, incorporating lentils and dates. And the chili oil dressing? Kicks it all up a notch.
    Image and recipe courtesy of Veggie Num Num

  • Lentil Salad With Dill 10 of 29
    sweet potato soul lentil tahini salad

    More lentils! This time in a picnic-perfect salad, tossed with crunchy carrots and celery, and finished with fresh dill.
    Image and recipe courtesy of Sweet Potato Soul

  • Kale Salad With Vegetables and Wild Rice 11 of 29
    bev cooks kale salad with wild rice

    Vegetables, wild rice and toasted pepitas turn this salad into a perfect light meal.

    Get the recipe at Bev Cooks

  • Chicken Shawarma 12 of 29
    bev cooks chicken shawarma

    This classic Middle Eastern dish gets a kick from a bracing dressing of yogurt, tahini and fresh lemon juice.

    Make Chicken Shawarma at Bev Cooks

  • BBQ Tempeh Salad 13 of 29
    babble bbq tempeh salad

    You'll never look at vegan cooking the same way after making (and eating!) this finger-lickin-good dish. Tempeh marinated in BBQ sauce is served over baby greens and citrus segments. 

    Get the recipe at Babble

  • Mint Pesto 14 of 29
    a spicy perspective tahini mint pesto

    Pesto is so much more than basil and pine nuts - I love this fresh approach, using mint leaves, cumin and honey to serve over some succulent lamb chops.

    Image and recipe courtesy of A Spicy Perspective

  • Sesame Noodles 15 of 29
    babble chinese sesame noodles

    Tahini is added to the traditional peanut butter in this classic noodle dish.

    Get the recipe at Spoonful

  • Roasted Artichoke With Honey-Tahini Dip 16 of 29
    cara's cravings honey tahini dressing

    "Chip 'n Dip" is looking - dare I say? - elegant, with roasted artichokes paired with a honey-tahini dipping sauce.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Cara's Cravings

  • Deviled Eggs 17 of 29
    the honour system hummus deviled eggs

    Tahini also stars in some of your favorite starters and snacks! These deviled eggs got a healthy makeover, replacing the traditional mayo with hummus.

    Image and recipe courtesy of The Honour System

  • Edamame Dip 18 of 29
    elles new england kitchen edamame dip

    Make this dip - packed with nutritious edamame - in about five minutes in your food processor.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Elle's New England Kitchen

  • Sweet Potato "Hummus" 19 of 29
    five and spice sweet potato hummus flat bread

    Roasted sweet potatoes (yum!) replace chickpeas as the base for this clean-out-the-fridge flatbread.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Five and Spice

  • Mustard-Spinach Chips 20 of 29
    raw spectacle tahini mustard spinach chips

     Spinach leaves bake up beautifully into chips - and seriously, how delicious do these look?

    Image and recipe courtesy of Raw Spectacle

  • Lemon-Pepper Broccoli 21 of 29
    babble tahini broccoli

    Veggies heart tahini too! I'm always looking for ways to bring a little excitement to broccoli dishes - this lovely side can be served warm or cold! 

    Get the recipe for Lemon Pepper Broccoli at Babble

  • Roasted Carrots 22 of 29
    edible perspective cumin tahini roasted carrots

    Roasting root vegetables brings out their natural sweetness. These gorgeous carrots are tossed with tahini and spices for a warming fall side dish.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Edible Perspective

  • Sauteed Kale 23 of 29
    simply recipes sauteed kale with tahini sauce

    I typically use kale raw, in salads - this sauteed kale dish topped with a tahini sauce looks very inviting!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Simply Recipes

  • Roasted Cauliflower 24 of 29
    branny boils over tahini roasted cauliflower

    Have you ever roasted cauliflower? Game. Changer.

    Make Tahini Roasted Cauliflower at Branny Boils Over

  • Doughnuts With Tahini Frosting 25 of 29
    purely twins doughnuts with tahini frosting

    It's time for dessert. Let's start with these scrumptious doughnuts topped with tahini frosting, shall we?

    Image and recipe courtesy of Purely Twins

  • Chocolate Tahini Teacake 26 of 29
    have cake will travel chocolate tahini quick bread

    This vegan cake looks out of this world delicious.

    Image and recipe courtesy of Have Cake Will Travel

  • Sesame Tahini Cookies 27 of 29
    a sweet spoonful sesame tahini cookies

    If you're a halvah fan you will love these sweet, crumbly cookies.

    Get the recipe at A Sweet Spoonful

  • Tahini Brownies 28 of 29
    we heart food tahini brownies

    I suspect that these vegan brownies taste even better than they look.

    Get the recipe at We Heart Food

  • Tahini Candy 29 of 29
    our big earth tahini candy

    Who says candy can't be good for you? These goodies are wheat-free, sugar-free and dairy-free.

    Get the recipe at Our Big Earth

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