3 AM Cakes: Boston's Newest Cakemaking Ace

Birthday Cake

I am beyond excited to be sharing the story of 3 AM Cakes, Boston’s best new cake decorating business. I am, of course, a little biased since it is run by my friend Valessa. We’ve known each other since boarding school and I know how talented and smart this girl is. When her little one was born she started having fun decorating birthday cakes for children’s birthday parties. At first it was just here and there for fun, but now it is a full-fledged business because everyone wants one!

Valessa cleverly named her business 3 AM cakes after the hour at which she often finds herself working. She is a naptime chef, baking while the baby sleeps, just like me! I asked Valessa to give us a glimpse of her fabulous work and she has shared the following photos with us. Boston area residents, to order write Valessa at Valessa (at) 3amcakes (dot) com. Her website will be up and running soon! You can also admire more of Valessa’s work on her 3 AM Cakes Facebook Fanpage! Enjoy!

  • Noah’s Ark! 1 of 11
    Noah's Ark!
    Such a lively, fun cake!
  • The Classic Firetruck 2 of 11
    The Classic Firetruck
    The ideal cake for the firetruck fan in your life!
  • Lights, Camera, Action! 3 of 11
    Lights, Camera, Action!
    There is no better way to wish someone a Happy Birthday!
  • A Jungle Birthday of Shower 4 of 11
    A Jungle Birthday of Shower
    A sweet treat for the expectant mom!
  • Construction Site 5 of 11
    Construction Site
    All those little engineers would love this for their birthday
  • Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake 6 of 11
    Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake
    Three cheers for all those Disney fans!
  • Pooh Bear Cake 7 of 11
    Pooh Bear Cake
    Aww, isn't this just the sweetest?
  • Shopping Cupcakes 8 of 11
    Shopping Cupcakes
    Umm, these would be perfect for moi!
  • Red Sox Cake 9 of 11
    Red Sox Cake
    Even this Yankees fan can appreciate the beauty of this cake!
  • pooh_0 10 of 11
  • Strawberry Shortcakes 11 of 11
    Strawberry Shortcakes
    All strawberry shortcake fans would love these beauties for their party!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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