3 Kids, a Mom, and a Kitchen: Freezer Jam

3 kids, a mom & a kitchen: lemon pound cake

Every year I make strawberry and raspberry freezer jam, and I make a lot of it. It’s the only jam we eat all year long, and when we run out, it’s pure tragedy! Our family is completely hooked on it. Yeah, we can eat store-bought jam when push comes to shove, but we sure do love our freezer jam.

cooking with kids - freezer jam

This year I decided to get the kids in on the freezer jam action. It’s a pretty simple thing to make, so I knew I could get the kids involved. And they were super excited to help out. Plus, it’s going to be fun for them all year, knowing that they helped make the jam we eat every day! Keep reading to find out how to get the kids involved and more!


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