30 Latin Soups To Keep You Warm This Cold Season

If you have a desire for Latin soups, then this gallery is a great place to start collecting some of the best recipes the web has to offer. As I gathered the beautiful soup dishes, I  found comfort in the warm bowl before me. I hope this collection will bring you the equivalent form of comfort and warm your tummy this cold season. Enjoy!


  • 30 Latin Soups To Keep You Warm This Cold Season 1 of 31

    A wonderful gallery of Latin soups, some traditional, some very easy to make everyday soups, and some special occasion soups! They are all delicious and ready to be served. 

  • Sopa De Fideo 2 of 31

    This is an everyday soup that Latin parents and grandparents keep warm on the stove to be served for their little ones in the house. Even though adults love it the same.

    Get the video and recipe here on Babble

  • Red Chile Pozole 3 of 31

    This delicious soup can easily be found at a big family celebration, and is best served with cabbage, lime, onions, cilantro, radishes, and crispy tostadas.

    Get the recipe here on Babble

  • Frijoles De La Olla 4 of 31

    This warm bean soup is an absolute staple in Mexican households. Did I mention that they are beyond delicious?

    Get the recipe and video on how to make them here on Babble. 

  • Albondigas 5 of 31

    Make albondigas for the people most dear to your heart. This recipe uses both ground pork and beef for the meatball.

    Get the recipe and step by step photos on how to make this soup from Presley's Pantry

  • Spicy Cream Of Garbanzo 6 of 31

    I like to think of this as the Latin soup version of hummus. Made with garbanzo beans and hot chile de arbol.

    Find the recipe and step by step photos of this recipe on Presley's Pantry

  • Turkey Tortilla Soup 7 of 31

    This tortilla soup is made with left over turkey , lots of veggies, a splash of lime, avocado, and queso fresco. I'd eat it anywhere with a smile on my face.

    Get the recipe and step by step photos over at Presley's Pantry. 

  • Chambre (Legumes And Meat Stew) 8 of 31
    Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 8.14.32 PM

    I could practically dive into this soup and bathe in it. Imagine this lovely Dominican soup waiting for you after a long cold day outside.

    Get the recipe from Dominican Cooking!

  • Shrimp Asopao 9 of 31
    Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 8.02.02 PM

    This soup just made my belly rumble with hunger. A divine shrimp and rice soup served with plantains.

    Get the recipe from Hungry Food Love

  • Sopa De Res (Beef Soup) 10 of 31

    A soup made with a big hunk of beef and veggies. The broth in caldo de res is absolutely delightful.

    Get the recipe from Latinaish.

  • Caldo Tlalpeno 11 of 31

    I wish I could drink this soup out of a vat. Made with tilapia and veggies, it will make you feel like you are sitting on the coast of Mexico.

    Get the recipe from Nibbles and Feasts 

  • Crema De Verduras 12 of 31

    Wow! If this soup doesn't scream fall I don't know what does. Try this amazing cream of vegetable soup topped with pepitas.

    Get the recipe from En Mi Cocina Hoy

  • Chorizo Bean Stew 13 of 31
    Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 8.09.47 PM

    In my country, you would be called Exotica! I don't know where this lovely gem came from but I wish I had a bowl right now.

    Get the recipe from Dominican Cooking!

  • Machos Ahogados 14 of 31

    I wish someone would make this Chilean soup for me. It looks like an Asian soup but the taste is all Latin.

    Get the recipe from En Mi Cocina Hoy!

  • Cream Of Ancho Chile Soup 15 of 31
    Cream of Ancho Chile Soup 2_LCDL

    The words "cream of" buy me to begin with, but when you add the words "ancho chile" to that sentence.... I'm sold.

    Get the recipe from La Cocina De Leslie. 

  • Venezuelan Black Bean With Smoked Pork Chop Soup 16 of 31

    Can you almost taste this soup? Smoked pork chops paired with rustic black beans. Someone give me a spoon.

    Get the recipe from Mommyhoods Diary.

  • Caldo De Bolsa Verde 17 of 31
    Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 8.45.15 PM

    This soup called bolsa verde is actually a green plantain dumpling soup. Have it with pickled onion and lime or not.

    Get the recipe from Laylita. 

  • Chicken Pozole Verde 18 of 31

    Pozole can be made three different ways. In a clear broth, or a red broth, or as shown here in a green chile broth. Looks perfect.

    Get the recipe from Mama Latina Tips. 

  • Sopa De Estrellitas (Stars) 19 of 31
    Sopa (9)

    Looking at this bowl reminds me of my childhood. This perfect little star shaped pasta soup will warm anyone's heart and home.

    Get the recipe from Living Mi Vida Loca. 

  • Yucatan Lime Soup 20 of 31

    Lime soup is the perfect remedy for any cold day. It will help clear your throat and might make all the nonsense disappear while you enjoy your bowl.

    Get the recipe from Nibbles and Feasts. 

  • Crema De Maiz Pozolero 21 of 31

    What's this you ask? It's a cream of hominy soup. It looks like something you might be lucky enough to eat in a dream.

    Get the recipe from Sweet Life. 

  • Menestron Peruvian 22 of 31

    Peruvian cuisine is one of the most treasured. I can tell you their version of minestrone is just as spectacular.

    Get the recipe from Peruvian Delights. 

  • Lentils 23 of 31

    I wouldn't feel right if I didn't include one of the most beloved Latin soups EVER.... lentils. This recipe is lentil-icious.

    Get the recipe and step by step photos from Presley's Pantry.

  • Chacales Soup 24 of 31

    Who says you have to wait for lent to enjoy a bowl of chacales soup. I eat it all year round.

    Get the recipe from Nibbles and Feasts. 

  • Green Chile Sopa De Fideo 25 of 31

    Perfect bowl of spicy chicken broth with thin pasta noodles (fideo), and chunks of chicken. This is my kind of soup.

    Get the recipe from Sweet Life!

  • Cocido Rojo 26 of 31
    Cocido Rojo_Mexican Beef Stew 2_LCDL

    Look at that soup, it's filled with beef, corn, zucchini, cactus, potato, and carrots. When you add those ingredients to a red chile broth, you've got cocido rojo!

    Get the recipe from La Cocina De Leslie. 

  • Crema De Hongo (Creamy Mushroom Soup) 27 of 31

    This lovely mushroom soup is topped with a little bit of olive oil and has a velvet like texture on the tongue. Eat it with bread and cheese or a green chile quesadilla.

    Get the recipe here on Babble.

  • Caldo De Res Con Chayote 28 of 31

    This is the kind of soup you hope your grandma has on the stove when you walk into her house. Grab a corn tortilla and you will be good to go.

    Get the recipe from Tech Food Life.

  • Sopa Criolla 29 of 31

    This soup is make with ground beef and fideo. It can be made in a flash and you will be making it often after the first bite.

    Get the recipe from Peru Delights. 

  • Ajiaco Bogotano Colobian 30 of 31

    Look at this fine pretty. Colombian chicken soup, makes me want to eat this soup and talk to no one in between bites.

    Get the recipe from My Colombian Recipes. 

  • Caldo 31 of 31

    Plain and simple.....caldo. There are many variations to this savory broth, what you do with it is up to you.

    Get the recipe from Mami Talks. 


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