30 Magnificent Mango Recipes!

Mango is like a stylish woman who walks in the room, and it immediately comes alive with a pop of color. She is the taste you crave when venturing into exotic lands. Mango turns dull into vibrant and full. Here are 30 mango recipes to enjoy!


  • MangOVER 1 of 31

    A collection of wonderful mango recipes.... Everything from main courses, to dessert, to tasty drinks. 

  • Mango Margarita Ice Cream 2 of 31

    Picture yourself sitting back on a lounge chair with a bowl of this boozy ice cream. Please serve me a bowl while you're at it! Get the recipe from Sweet Life!

  • Mango Whoopie Pie S’mores 3 of 31

    These whoopie pie s'mores look luscious with slices of mango tucked in the middle. I would love to bite into one of these gooey delights! Get the recipe here on Babble!

  • Wild Rice Mango Arugula Salad 4 of 31

    This beyond delicious salad is one way to eat healthy! Full of veggies and tons of wild rice, the mango gives it the perfect note of sweetness it needs to bring all these flavors together. Get the recipe here on Babble

  • Spicy Mexican Fruit Salad 5 of 31

    Street food at it's finest! Make spicy Mexican fruit salad like the vendors off the streets! Get the recipe and a how to video here on Babble!

  • Mango Lime Fruit Leather 6 of 31

    With a fruit leather made of mango and lime.... who needs any other flavor? Get the recipe here on Babble

  • Mango Coconut Arroz Con Leche 7 of 31

    Arroz con leche just got fancy! Make this delicious Mexican dessert for your kids when they get home from school! They'll adore you for it! Get the recipe here on Babble

  • Strawberry Basil Mango Salsa 8 of 31

    Anyone got a chip? This looks like one salsa that would be gobbled down in one seating! Get the recipe from Nibbles and Feasts!

  • Mango Creamsicle Paleta 9 of 31

    Move over orange.... Mango is taking center stage with this one! I would love to enjoy this paleta during these last days of summer! Get the recipe from Chica ChocoLatina!

  • Wonton Fruit Cups 10 of 31

    Some of the prettiest fruit cups I've ever seen! Serve these at your next party! Get the recipe from She's Cookin!

  • Tropical Parfait 11 of 31

    Feeling exotic? Try this tropical parfait, and pretend your on a beautiful beach! Get the recipe from Mama Latina Tips!

  • Chicken Mango Tostada 12 of 31

    Mmmmmm. I'm drooling. Try this lovely tostada tonight for dinner. Get the recipe from Sweet Life!

  • Mango Kiwi Flan 13 of 31

    This gorgeous mango kiwi flan will be the star of your next dessert table. Get the recipe from Flanboyant Eats!

  • Mango Mai Tai 14 of 31

    This refreshing cocktail is the answer to a warm evening drink! Get the recipe from Savvy Mujer, she'll share it with you. Cheers!

  • Shrimp Mango Guacamole Bites 15 of 31

    I am a true believer in these bites! Just look at them, you know you're dying to try them. Make them tonight, and get the recipe from Kitchen Runway!

  • Mango Coconut Baked Oatmeal 16 of 31

    You can bet this will be the next thing I make for breakfast. Looks divine! Get the recipe from Momma Cuisine!

  • Spicy Mango Juice 17 of 31

    I want a cup of this now. I can almost imagine the sweet spicy drink, and can't wait to get my hands around this delicious cup! Get the recipe from Cathy Arkle!

  • Mango Grilled Cheese 18 of 31

    Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. A grilled cheese loaded with mango too. I just know it good! Get the recipe from She's Cookin!

  • Mango Cucumber Juice 19 of 31

    This lovely juice would be swell for your next brunch. Dazzle your guests with this sweet cool beverage! Get the recipe from Hungry Food Love!

  • Tropical Fruity Tuna Salad 20 of 31

    Add a pop of sweet and color to your next tuna salad with this delightful recipe! Get it from Shockingly Delicious!

  • Mango Rum Streusel Cupcakes 21 of 31

    Little coffee cake cupcakes with bites of mango in the middle. Get the recipe and step by step photos from Presley's Pantry

  • Bacon Wrapped Mango Shrimp 22 of 31

    This little gem will make the best appetizer ever. I could probably eat 20! Get the recipe from Mango.Org!

  • Mango Bread 23 of 31

    I wish I could have this loaf warm out of the oven with a slab of butter! Get the recipe from Kitchen Runway!

  • Mango Tres Leches 24 of 31

    Creamy tres leches sprinkled with mango. WOW!!!!! Get this lovely recipe from Peru Delights!

  • Mango Iced Tea 25 of 31

    No need for lots of sweetner with this tea. Refresh yourself and get lost in the mango flavor! Get the recipe from Kitchen Runway

  • Mango Ginger Chicken 26 of 31

    A taste of indian spice in this lovely ginger mango chicken! Get the recipe from Cooking On The Weekends!

  • Mango Kale Farro Salad 27 of 31

    This healthy vegan salad looks delightful and delicious! Get the recipe from Shockingly Delicious!

  • Smokey Chipotle Chicken Mango Quesadilla 28 of 31

    This is the type of dish that will make you lick the plate clean. Smokey chipotle melds so well with mango and chicken! Get the recipe on Cooking On The Weekends!

  • Peach Mango Salsa 29 of 31

    Spice up your life with this salsa! Peaches are in season and mangos are a fun pair for the seasonal fruit! Get the recipe from Rockin Mama!

  • Mango Apple Pastry 30 of 31

    Mango and apple go fancy! Bake this pastry and treat yourself to a wonderful treat! Get the recipe from Latino Foodie!

  • Mango French Toast 31 of 31

    Stuff your french toast with tropical mango and start your morning off right! Get the recipe from La Cocina De Leslie!


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