350 Calorie Banana Split for Banana Split Day!

Happy National Banana Split Day! Craving a split? Well you can have your banana split in under 350 calories with a simple solution I like to call the banana booster! Find out how I put a healthy vegan spin on this tall, sinful-looking dessert treat..

You don’t have to blow your day of eating by serving yourself that classic sinful treat we all know as a Banana Split. Since today is National Banana Split Day, you should indulge your craving. But instead of gobbling up a 1,000 calorie dish layered with high fat delights, try this uber-satisfying vegan alternative. It has all the necessary split ingredients: ice cream, whip, sprinkles, nuts and even a cherry on top. But luckily, this Vegan Banana Split Parfait comes in at under 350 calories…

My Banana booster trick: I used a large Dole banana to boost my split parfait. If you look closely, more than half my parfait glass is sliced banana! That’s a huge help for my calorie count – but the parfait glass is still filled to the brim. Plus those bananas at the bottom will taste super yummy once the melty ice cream and chocolate drizzle down to the bottom of the glass. And by using dairy-free soy ice cream, and vegan ingredients I’m saving a few more calories as well (especially since there is much less saturated fat)…

Spice it Up! Another trick is to use calorie free spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to enhance the complexity of your sundae.

And lastly, if you can’t find a suitable dairy-free chocolate sauce, use maple syrup. I like grade B maple syrup because it is deep in color and almost has a rich cocoa-ish flavor.

Join the Party!! Dole (@DoleBananas on twitter) and Tastespotting are hosting a banana split party! Read the DOLE press release. Details from Tastespotting here.

350 Calorie Vegan Banana Split Parfait

2 small scoops soy vanilla ice cream = 170 calories
1 (Dole) large banana = 100 calories
1 cherry = 10 calories
1 tsp vegan chocolate sauce = 15 calories
3/4 tsp chopped pecans = 25 calories
1/4 tsp soy whip = 5 calories
1/4 tsp chocolate vegan sprinkelz = 5 calories
dash cinnamon and or nutmeg = 0 calories

GRAND TOTAL = under 350 calories!

To see more on the vegan brands I use for making vegan ice cream desserts check out this post: Vegan Ice Cream Sundae ingredients (there’s even vegan marshmallow cream!)

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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