5 Chocolate Desserts to Celebrate the Royal Engagement of Prince William

Though I’m sure many of you were hoping Prince William would keep looking and find you, his and Kate Middleton’s engagement is being celebrated the world over.

No other kind of food seems more universally romantic than chocolate, so here are some ideas of foods you can eat to celebrate their royal engagement. (Or, of course, drown your sorrows in, as now the prince will be marrying another). Serve these desserts to your kids, your girlfriends, or even the special someone in your life.

1) At the top of my list is a Chocolate Eton Mess. Eton Mess, a favourite dessert (you don’t mind if I add a ‘u’ to favourite today, do you?), usually made with whipped cream, crumbled meringues, and strawberries, boasts the name of Prince William’s prep school, where it was first created. Of course, chocolate is a more romantic way to go to celebrate, don’t you think?

To make, simply combine sweetened whipped cream with ribbons of chocolate ganache and crumbled store-bought vanilla meringues. Top with shavings of high quality chocolate. Serve with two spoons. Now isn’t that simple?

2) I can’t think of a dessert any more English than a trifle, can you? This one, made with chocolate cake, tart cherries, and almond flavored whipped cream is a sure winner. With the rich chocolate and cherries as red as bleeding hearts, you can enjoy every bite, and cry a little that William has finally made his choice.

To make, use your favorite chocolate cake (or try this recipe), and layer in a trifle dish. Top with sweetened tart cherries and a layer of whipped cream flavored with pure almond extract.

To see a more detailed recipe, you can find one here.

3) Chocolate truffles shout romance. They couldn’t be more elegant, more decadent, or more easy to make. These golden ones are a pure luxury. If you cannot find edible gold luster dust, then simply coat in cocoa powder, chopped nuts, or whatever satisfies your chocolate fantasy.

To make, take that same ganache as before, refrigerate until firm, and scoop out with a teaspoon or a mini cookie scoop. Roll between your hands to make little balls and then roll in cocoa powder, or edible gold dust (available at cake supply stores).

4) If you don’t care to make a whole trifle, and will simply be celebrating their engagement with teatime, make a loaf of this Chocolate Buttermilk Quick Cake. It is light, yet dense, moist, and utterly delicious.

5) Teatime—that’s at 4:00, seems like the most natural time to raise our glasses to the young couple. Set out a gorgeous array of these chocolate, romance-worthy treats to serve along with your tea. My favorite tea to pair with chocolate? Celestial Seasonings Herbal Roastaroma.

I chose an assortment of shortbread and store-bought meringues that I dipped in chocolate, and chocolate coated English toffee. Serve the tea with cream, sugar, and a teaspoon dipped in chocolate.

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