5 Creepiest, Coolest Eyeball Food

With Halloween coming up next Monday, we are all into creepy, crawly foods around here. One of the things I find particularly gross, but in a good way, are the eyeball recipes. I don’t know why they seem so appropriate for Halloween, but they do. They are totally spooky and eerie and perfect for the holiday. Here are some of the best, creepiest, eyeball recipes from The Family Kitchen and beyond!

  • Apple Cider with Googly Eyes 1 of 5
    Apple cider is chic served in carved out apple cups, but it gets a creepy twist with the addition of marshmallow eyeballs!
    Make apple cider with eye
  • Eyeball Cupcakes 2 of 5
    These alarmingly bloodshot eyes disguise the amazingly delicious cupcake underneath!
    Make creepy eyeball cupcakes
  • Deviled Eyeballs 3 of 5
    The decadent deviled eggs are given a Halloween twist with the addition of veins and olive pupils.
    Make deviled eyeballs
  • Eyeball Soup 4 of 5
    Briny olives are dressed up like eyeballs and make ordinary delicious tomato soup look suddenly gorey!
    Make eyeball soup
  • Owl Eye Cups 5 of 5
    Make the wise old owl with ordinary Halloween candy. More fun than scary, this a delicious eyeball food for young kids!
    Make owl eye cups

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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