5 Clever Place Cards for Thanksgiving You Can Also Eat

edibleplacecardsI’ll admit, I totally geek out over holiday table settings. I love getting my table all gussied up with silverware and pretty napkins so it looks wonderful for all of our guests. In recent years, I’ve gotten particularly interested in making edible place cards. They’re a super cute way to welcome your family and friends as well as provide them with a little snack. Here are some of our favorites and how you can make them at home!

1. Cone o’ Candies

Make a simple cone out of paper and tape the sides. Fill it with some sweet nibbles like candied fruit rind, chocolate caramels, or candy corn and let your guests enjoy while they chat!Placecard-Candy-624x7241

2. Cookie Pockets

To really go all out, whip up a batch of homemade gingersnap cookies. Tuck one into each napkin along with a name card. Who says you can’t have dessert before dinner?!Cookie-Pocket-624x4171

3. Wrapped Candy Bars

Who wouldn’t love to sit down to a chocolate bar? Pick your favorite candy bars (or if you’re really daring, make your own with this recipe!) and wrap them with holiday-themed wrapping paper or plain white paper that your kids can help decorate!Placecard-wrapped-bar-624x4171

4. Lifesavers Necklaces for the Kids

This is especially fun for kids since it means sneaking a few sweat treats before dinner and saving the rest for dessert. Simply add 8 to 10 Lifesavers to elastic string along with a name card and watch the kids go nuts!Placecard-Candy-Necklace-624x4171

5. Mixed Nuts in a Mason Jar

A small clear glass jar of nuts is the perfect way to welcome guests to the table. Pick up a container of your favorite nuts or make your own at home and fill each jar to the brim. Attach a pretty hang tag to the jar and encourage everyone to enjoy the salty bite when they sit down.Placecard-nuts-624x9321

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