5 Essential Tools for a Well Stocked Kitchen

What do you think about when you think of must have tools in the kitchen? Everyone probably has a few personal favorites, like a bread maker, a deep fryer, or a rice cooker. My personal must have favorite is definitely a deep fryer. But not everyone has a need for a deep fryer. There are a few items I think though that every kitchen must have, like a good knife, a big cutting board and a box grater. Those kind of items make kitchen tasks so much easier. Our friends over at the Daily Meal have put together a list of 10 essential kitchen tools that every kitchen should have.

Here’s our 5 favorite essential tools from their list:

  • Food Processor 1 of 5
    Food Processor
    Food processors were an item that for years I thought I could do without. Boy was I wrong. I could not believe how versatile it was and how much simpler it made kitchen tasks. This little must have kitchen appliance can make pie crusts, chop all sorts of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and can even grate cheese. I don't know how I lived without one now.
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  • Microplane 2 of 5
    A microplane is another item I was pretty reluctant to get. I am so glad I got one now though. It's indispensable for grated garlic and nutmeg. I also grate citrus, ginger, and tons of other stuff. I love it so much I even bought a second one to use for pedicures.
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  • Electris Stand Mixer 3 of 5
    Electris Stand Mixer
    For years I used an old vintage stand mixer. I loved the way it looked, and it was so reliable. But then one year my husband surprised me with a fancy new KitchenAid stand mixer. I forgot all about my old one. While my old was useful, it in no way had the power and ease of use as my new one. I can now easily make all types of bread doughs, cakes, cookies, and even mash potatoes. With the addition of a few attachments I can even make my own pasta and ice cream. I simply love it.
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  • Mandoline 4 of 5
    A mandoline is a tool I also thought I could do without. But I have to admit I was wrong again. Mandolines are essential when your cutting up lots of thin slices for recipes like salads and gratins. They make slicing fast, without slicing off your fingers.
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  • Thermometer 5 of 5
    A thermometer is a tool I have always had in my kitchen. In my opinion, it's an essential kitchen tool that everyone should have for their own safety. It makes roasting poultry without worry a breeze. The one shown above is a set-it and forget-it type. You simply place the thermometer in the meat you are roasting or grilling, and set it to alarm with the meat reaches a certain temperature. No more calculating minutes per pound with this little device, you just set-it and forget-it. It's amazing.
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For 5 more essential tools for a well Stocked Kitchen, head over to the Daily Meal.

Did your essential tools make the list? What are your must haves?

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