5 Foods That Will Fill You Up

Many of us, including myself, are starting the new year off with a fresh new diet in attempt to lose some of that holiday weight.  The worst past about calorie restriction are those terrible hunger pains though. You go from casually grazing on the sweet treats in your home or office to hoarding them in your desk or lazy boy. But there are some lower calories foods that can actually fill you up according to The Daily Meal. They have made a list of 10 filling foods that you won’t have to spend alot on, but will fill you up so your not reaching for sweet treats and sabotaging your diet.

Here’s 5 filling foods to help you keep the hunger pains at bay while dieting:

  • Prunes 1 of 5
    Prunes aren't just for little old ladies anymore. They are full of fiber and nutrients that help to burn calories.
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  • Beans 2 of 5
    Beans are full of protein, nutrients, and most importantly, fiber. Adding more of them to your diet can really help you to manage your weight.
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  • Apples 3 of 5
    Your mom was right, an apple a day really will keep the doctor away, when it comes to obesity related illnesses anyway.
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  • Peanut Butter 4 of 5
    Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter isn't just healthy for the kids, it also makes a great lunch or snack for grown-ups. I love all-natural organic brands of peanut butters, they are so tasty.
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  • White Potatoes 5 of 5
    White Potatoes
    So long as you don't deep fry them, white potatoes are a very healthy and diet friendly food. Make cooking them a breeze by zapping them in the microwave until done.
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For 5 more foods that fill you up, click over to The Daily Meal here.

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