5 Foods to Make Your Smile Sparkle

Did you know that there’s more to keep your sparkling pearly whites than brushing and flossing your teeth regularly? The food you eat and the drinks you consume can either help or harm the color of your smile. By eating foods and bringing beverages that help to maintain the natural white color, you’ll also benefit from overall healthier oral health like stronger enamel and healthy gums. Let’s see which foods will help your smile. This can be especially important as your kids are growing and their teeth are coming in.

  • Mushrooms 1 of 6
    Mushrooms help you absorb calcium, which makes for healthy, strong teeth. Eat them together for maximum benefit.
    Green Bean Casserole with Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • Pistachios 2 of 6
    Pistachios are high in magnesium, which is needed for absorbing calcium. Their beta-carotene helps to reduce inflammation in the gums, as well.
    Spiced up Pistachios
  • Green Tea 3 of 6
    Green Tea
    Green teas antioxidants help fight gum disease by destroying plaque-forming free radicals. Bonus: It's great for curbing bad breath, so down a cup after a potent meal.
    More About Matcha
  • Yogurt 4 of 6
    Probiotics are good bacteria that don't do more than just your digestive tract good. Research has shown that probiotic-rich foods like yogurt help protect against gum disease by lowering levels of bad bacteria in the mouth.
    Homemade Tzatziki for Gyros, Pitas and More
  • Cheese 5 of 6
    The French knew what they were doing eating cheese after the meal. It helps naturally clean teeth and remove food particles, as well as strengthen teeth with its calcium.
    Plan a Cheese Platter via Gourmande in the Kitchen
  • More on Healthy Teeth 6 of 6
    More on Healthy Teeth
    Get the full story on You Beauty
    White Smile Superfoods

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