5 Fun & Easy Donut Pops

A friend asked me the other day if there was an easier way to make cake pops. I gave her a high five and chest bumped her like an old school rapper. Cake pops are no simple treat. They are cute and sweet to look at, but actually making them can be a pain in the rear. So, when I mentioned that the quickest way I’d ever found was to use donut holes in place of the cake pops, she slapped me some skin and chest bumped me right back. “Oh, yeee-ahhh! I’d seriously never even thought of that.”

If you’re looking for a quick, simple take on cake pops, here are 5 fun donut pops you can make and eat in no time at all!

  • Basic Donut Pops 1 of 5
    Basic Donut Pops
    These chocolate sprinkles Donut Hole pops are simple to make, and so fun to eat!
    Click for the recipe from Cheeky Kitchen.
  • Snowman Donut Push-Up Pops 2 of 5
    Snowman Donut Push-Up Pops
    Snowman Donut Push Up Pops are a simple way to create a totally yummy craft!
    Get the recipe for Snowman Pushup Pops.
  • Donuts on a Stick 3 of 5
    Donuts on a Stick
    Got Donut Pops? Well if you don't, this easy recipe will show you how!
    Click for the recipe from Sweet Kiera.
  • Sugared Donut Hole Pops 4 of 5
    Sugared Donut Hole Pops
    Sugared donut holes taste like a charm and turn this classic treat into something special.
    Click for the recipe from The Little Teochew.
  • Cute & Cuddly Donut Pops 5 of 5
    Cute & Cuddly Donut Pops
    These fun little donut pop lend a bit of style to a super simple dessert
    Click for the recipe from Coffee at 3.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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