5 Minute Blackberry Cobbler


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Normally I would be posting some recipe that I made with my kids and we shared in the eating. Umm, that’s not the case today. While my daughter was in school and her brother was napping, I went hunting for a snack.  I peeked in the fridge and saw a small tub of blackberries. Of course my mind raced to blackberry cobbler from my childhood, but with only a small amount of berries this recipe would never work. I could have used another fruit, but I didn’t have enough of any fruit to make it happen. Not to mention I wanted this treat right now, not in the hour plus it takes to prep and cook it. I’ve seen the 5 minute coffee cake in a mug and I thought, why not give cobbler a try? It worked and was devoured and I got to eat it in peace and not have to share. I will say this recipe is perfect for making with the kids and they will love it.

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    Now it's perfect with some vanilla ice cream.

5 Minute Blackberry Cobbler Recipe (This recipe will work with any cobbler fruit)

1/8 cup flour

pinch salt

1/8 teaspoon baking powder

½ heaping tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon cold butter

1 tablespoon milk

8 large blackberries

1 teaspoon sugar

Place blackberries into a wide mouth jar or microwavable cup, sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Microwave for 10-15 seconds.  Remove and set aside. Mix together the flour, salt, baking powder and sugar. Add butter and pinch between fingers until it becomes a crumbly mixture. Add the milk and stir to combine and a dough forms. Spoon the dough into the blackberries and microwave for about 1 minute 20 seconds. I stopped at a minute and decided to go for another 20 seconds. It will be VERY hot so be careful.  It did splatter, but clean-up was just a quick wipe. Let it cool for a few minutes or if you are impatient, like me, scoop some ice cream on top to cool it down.

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