5 Really Bad Casseroles

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It’s not your fault if you sometimes miss the taste of Tuna Noodle Casserole or Tater Tot Delight. As children of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, we grew up in an era that celebrated processed food, utilizing it to recreate the “stick to your ribs” classics of the 1950’s. With increasing evidence for the importance of a plant-based diet, with an emphasis on fresh, whole foods, some of those classic casseroles that once graced the table are taking a back seat to more healthful options. Gone are the days of ground beef, nowadays, casseroles are still enjoyed, but typically with fresh veggies instead of canned, less creamy soups and more real cream.

Based on my own childhood, here are my 5 picks for the worst classic casseroles. Let me know what I missed from your list!

  • Tuna Noodle Mush 1 of 6
    Tuna Casserole was a mainstay of most childhood meals in the 1980's. Toss a can of tuna together with cream of chicken soup and you've got yourself a dinner right? Wrong. Nowadays, with food rules stressing plant-based eating without added preservatives, this retro recipe needs a redo.
    Click for the classic recipe from Chasing Tomatoes.
  • Tater Tot Delight 2 of 6
    Many a college bride has wowed her beloved with the no-fail Tater Tot Casserole. Problem is, it fails on too many nutritional levels. Namely, an obscene lack of fresh veggies, and an overabundance of processed tater tots and cheese.
    Click for the classic recipe from Mommy, I'm Hungry.
  • Frito Casserole 3 of 6
    Frito Casserole takes a good flavor idea--chips--and cooks them right into a bad casserole. Any recipe that calls for a dish full of processed corn chips to be mixed with other processed food has got to be a fail.
    Click for the classic recipe from Social Moms.
  • Broccoli Goo 4 of 6
    Potato Broccoli Casserole is comforting, sure. But, as a kid, there was nothing comforting about overcooked broccoli turned into a mealy brownish mush. Of course, for nostalgia, this dish is great. But for daily nutrition? It's a no-no.
    Click for the classic recipe from Savour the Senses
  • Green Bean Blah 5 of 6
    Green Bean Burger Pie takes overcooked canned green beans and cooks them again. In a casserole pan. As a kid, there was nothing more exciting than this meal, but now that I'm a grown up, I find the recipe a wee bit lacking in…um…everything.
    Click for the classic recipe from Vegetarian Casserole Queen.
  • 16 Really Good Casseroles 6 of 6
    Not all casserole's are bad! Here are 16 comforting casseroles with updates ingredients and flavor combinations.
    Check out our slideshow of 16 Comforting Casseroles.


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