5 Unique Ways To Cook with Ground Beef

Ground beef, or ground turkey for us watching our calories, and of course soy crumbles for our vegetarian friends are a staple. You can make so many different recipes with ground meat, but we usually fall in the pitfalls of burgers, meatloaf, spaghetti or tacos. And I am the first one to admit that I am a creature of habit. We have at least one of those foods every week. But there are some recipes we not not think of right away that call for ground beef. Above are gyros, which in the picture are made with lamb, but you can certainly use ground beef or turkey in the recipe. I have also made a list below of 5 more creative ways to use ground beef that aren’t your typical burger or taco type dinners.

I wasn’t exposed to any of these foods until I was an adult, so I am guessing that most aren’t on a typical family’s weekly menu. Please comment below with your favorite out of the box ways to make ground beef.

  • Beef Empanadas 1 of 5
    Empanadas. I first feel in love with them at a little Colombian restaurant. I have had them now from just about every Latin country (all countries, and regions add their own flair) and The Philippines. There's countless ways to make them, all so delicious. This is a great basic recipe to get you started. Trust me, they are amazing.
    Find these at Handle the Heat
  • Lazy Cabbage Rolls 2 of 5
    Have you heard of cabbage rolls? These are delicious treats, but time consuming. If you don't want to slave away in the kitchen like Grandma did, try these lazy cabbage rolls.
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  • Spicy croquettes with potato and ground meat 3 of 5
    I first had a Cuban version of these tasty fried treats. They are ground meat surrounded by mashed potatoes and fried crispy.
    Find these at Amateur Cook Professional Eater
  • Chinese Beef and Green Onion Pot Stickers 4 of 5
    Pot stickers are one of my favorite out of the box ground beef recipes. They are so good, it's crazy, and so easy to make.
    Find these at Meal Planning 101
  • Moussaka 5 of 5
    This one is a new one to me, it's a Greek an d Turkish favorite comprised of ground beef, in this recipe, and eggplant.
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