5 Ways to Perk Up Any Meal with Fresh Pesto!


Lunch sometimes feels like the rushed meal of the day. The “throw anything on a plate just so my tummy stops rumbling” kind of meal. Weekends may be an exception to this. And one surefire way of slowing down lunch – or dinner – is by infusing your meal with bold, cozy flavors that basically make flavorful meals easy to make. One super secret ingredient: pesto! Fresh Pesto is packed with flavor and you can use to to perk up lunch (or dinner) in a flash so that you can slow down and really savor your meal. Get my 5 Ways to Perk Up lunch with Fresh Pesto!..

Get my Fresh Walnut Miso Vegan Pesto recipe (shown in photos)

5 Ways to Perk Up Lunch with Fresh Pesto

1. Salad Dressing. I love to add some extra water and lemon juice or vinegar to my pesto to thin it out into a zesty, zippy salad dressing. Still creamy and rich – but thin enough to drizzle over crisp, crunchy veggies!

2. Pitas! Pitas are the perfect vehicle for pesto sauce because you can really drizzle it into your pita just like you would a thick tahini sauce or chunky salsa. Again, I like to thin out my pesto to a drizzle able consistency – I add in extra water, citrus juice or vinegar. Or for a richer sauce – use an extra splash of oil.

3. Grilled or Roasted Veggies. We all love grilled or roasted veggies straight out of the oven – maybe a simple pinch of salt and pepper on top. But drizzle on some fresh pesto for a really wow-worthy side dish at any meal!

4. Open-Faced. Tartines are hot. You know, those open faced sandwiches. Well pesto is perfect for drizzling over top tar tines – or spreading right on the bread before piling on your favorite toppings. Plus the open-facedness about it makes it much less messy than a traditional sandwich where pesto might spill out the sides.

5. Grains, Nuts and Beans – oh my. Pesto and grain bowl here you come. We often think of tossing pesto with pasta. Well this time toss it with brown rice, chickpeas, cashews, barley – even bean products like tempeh can have a nice splash of pesto to brighten them up. If you love pesto on pasta try these alternative bowl-worthy foods! And for a breakfast treat you can make some soybean-based tofu scramble drizzled in pesto sauce – super yum!

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