5 Ways to Transform Leftover Valentine’s Candy

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Did your kids get more candy than you can shake a stick at yesterday? Do you have an abundance of chocolates just waiting to derail your resolutions? Are you in a sugar coma? If the answer to any of those question is yes, we can help. We have 5 ways to transform all of your leftover Valentine’s candy/chocolates. Turn them into something new and exciting, take a few bites and perhaps send them on their merry way to a neighbor, a work mate, or the mail carrier perhaps. So grab all those pink and red candies and follow the jump for 5 creative ways to use them!

  • Make Chocolate-covered Strawberries 1 of 5
    Melt your chocolates and turn them into a decadent dip for fresh strawberries.
    Make chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Make Chocolate/Candy Bark 2 of 5
    This is a two for one. Melt your leftover chocolate and use leftover candy to make your very own "Love" bark! We have 10 recipes to inspire your new creation.
    Make chocolate/candy bark
  • Make Stuffed Cookies 3 of 5
    Use any of these 7 recipes as inspiration to create your very own stuffed cookie using leftover chocolates.
    Make stuffed cookies
  • Make Candy Bar Brownies 4 of 5
    We have 4 candy bar brownie recipes to inspire you! Simply swap out the candy bar in any of these recipes and use your leftover candy bars instead.
    Make candy bar brownies
  • Make Lava Cakes 5 of 5
    Didn't get lava cakes yesterday? No problem — 20 minutes and some of your leftover chocolates will have you on your way to chocolate bliss. Just swap out the chocolate filling in any of these 7 sinfully scrumptious recipes and replace with your leftover chocolate for a truly unique molten lava cake.
    Make lava cakes
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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