6 Cute New Ways to Decorate Valentines Cookies


My daughter squealed out loud last week when we walked into the grocery store and saw the aisle of Valentines day candy. “Mom!! I LOVE Valentine’s Day candy! It’s the best!” Indeed, I have to agree with her. There is so much to love about the holiday of love. The little handwritten notes. The teeny candy hearts. The homemade sugar cookies.

This year, why not kick the classic Valentine’s Day treats up a notch by decorating cookies with one of these cool, six new styles.

  • Licorice Layers 1 of 6
    Licorice Layers
    Use long, thin strands of licorice to outline your cookies. So cute!
  • Pretty Licorice Flowers 2 of 6
    Pretty Licorice Flowers
    Grab a few candy-covered black licorice pieces, and some Haribo raspberries to make these super chic flowers on your valentines cookies.
  • Jelly Bean Buttons 3 of 6
    Jelly Bean Buttons
    Grab your favorite jelly bean colors and turn them into totally adorable designs on your cookies.
  • Tye-Die Cookies 4 of 6
    Tye-Die Cookies
    Pipe a swirl of gel icing on top of your cookies, then drag a toothpick through your frosting to create this cool tye-dye effect.
  • Cookie Faces 5 of 6
    Cookie Faces
    Little strands of licorice, gummy candy rounds, and a few pieces of fruity Skittles give your cookies a totally nerdy makeover.
  • Necco Letters 6 of 6
    Necco Letters
    Edible markers work like a charm on Necco candies. Write any letter you like on the sweet little sugary discs, then press them right into your cookies for totally adorable, personalized decor!

Photos by Brooke McLay

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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